In the midst of the epidemic season, the driver drove a green lane car through 3 provinces to… treat the opponents in the game

In the midst of the epidemic season, the driver drove a green lane car through 3 provinces to... treat the opponents in the game

On the night of September 24, the police in Hoa Loi Commune (Chau Thanh District, Tra Vinh) received information from people about a group of youths using weapons and “paying off” each other in the area of ​​the market of Hello loi. . Immediately present at the scene, the functional forces arrested the driver Mai Phu Quy (27 years old, living in Trung Phu 4 Village, Vinh Phu Commune, Thoai Son District, An Giang), Le Van Toan (26 years old) ). , Tran Hoang Qui (27 years old, lives in Qui Nong A Village, Hoa Loi Commune, Chau Thanh District, Tra Vinh).

Driver Mai Phu Quy when he is arrested.

Subject Tran Hoang Qui.

The truck received a green channel badge.

At the police station, the three of them admit that due to a previous conflict while playing the online game, Qui challenged Quy to go to Hoa Loi market to meet him and settle it. With blood rushing through the brain, Quy immediately brought a 3-piece stick and drove a truck with the license plate number 51H – 010.68 (vehicle protection drug transport vehicle) and was awarded a priority green channel badge of Long An to Tra Vinh to meet the opponents, clarifies the loss of the blue buff in the game. It is worth mentioning that, from Long An to Tra Vinh, the driver from Quy was forced to drive through two provinces of Tien Giang and Ben Tre before entering Tra Vinh and all these provinces required the driver to have proof. rapid negative of Covid-19 during the period. 72 hours

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Arriving at the meeting point, Quy and Toan’s group used an iron bar about 50 cm long to attack, so they fled. While chasing them, the 3 were discovered by the Hoa Loi Commune police, their weapons were taken from them and they were taken to the office. The communal police said that they are consolidating the driving records of groups of people for their acts of disturbance of public order. After the information about the incident was released, many netizens left remarkable comments.

Comments from netizens.

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