Infinite is officially open for pre-registration

Infinite is officially open for pre-registration

The TapTap Presents event showcased many games, including Torchlight: Infinite, the highly anticipated game from developer XD Inc. The developers gave fans an overview of the upcoming hack-and-slash ARPG via a new trailer. Additionally, players can also start pre-registration for the game on iOS.

Closed beta testing was long overdue, but as of now, everyone can pre-register for the game. Players will be able to start experiencing Torchlight: Infinite during the open beta in October.

The latest trailer for Torchlight: Infinite gives players a sneak peek at the characters that will be in the game, such as Gemma, Rehan, Youga, Carino, Moto, and Thea. Infinite will feature three different hero traits, a six-god loadout system, and an extremely complex skill system. This system is deeply customizable, each ability can be tweaked to suit your playstyle and deal certain types of damage. Currently the game has more than 230 skills.

Torchlight: Infinite will stay true to the lore of the original version while providing players with a refreshing story set in an apocalyptic world ruled by danger and chaos. A group of heroes is on a mission to eliminate the darkness and rescue all the innocents. Where the Aemberons want to take over what’s left of the world, and the Sparks will light a fire that will bring hope to save it all.

Readers can pre-register Torchlight: Infinite on the App Store and TapTap. The game’s Google Play page will be available soon.

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