Intel and the history of accompanying the Vietnamese “gaming village”

Intel and the history of accompanying the Vietnamese "gaming village"

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the gaming industry in general and esports in particular. Social distancing and health concerns are factors forcing the closure of cyber gaming companies. Video game players also have financial problems when they do not have a stable source of income. Faced with that challenge, what has Intel, a leading technology products and software company, done to revive the Vietnamese gaming village post-Covid-19?

Why is the period 2020-2021 considered the “term year” of the Vietnamese gambling village?

On February 2, 2021, the city of Hanoi issued the decision to close all game stores and Internet stores to help prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. Losing the main source of income and continuing to pay for operation and maintenance costs has forced many merchants to liquidate machinery, tables and chairs, etc. to reduce losses and reorient your business.

Video game players are also one of the subjects most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. This target group earns income based primarily on tournaments and personal achievements. However, due to the public health factor, a variety of national and international eSport competitions such as League of Legends, Overwatch League, CS:GO IEM Katowice 2020 tournament…were forced to cancel or change to an unallowed form. . audience.

Player Tran Hong Phuc (Meomaika), who took home Vietnam’s first eSports medal at the 30th Sea Games, shared the difficulties he is facing during the epidemic season. In early 2020, he was planning to play tournaments in Australia and the US, but due to visa delays and lockdown, both fell through. There are not many playing fields to practice and compete, income from tournaments, sponsorships and salaries from companies decrease. He himself had to find other sources of income besides gambling to earn a living.

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The journey to revive the Vietnamese gambling village in 2022

Understanding the difficulties that Esport Vietnam has had to go through after the Covid-19 pandemic, Intel and its technology partners have officially kicked off the Computer Arena 2022 season, making the eSport market hotter than ever.


Provide a fair and professional playing field for players.

Hosted by Intel together with the cooperation of world famous technology companies such as AOC, ASUS, ASRock, Edra, Gigabyte, Kingston, HP, ViewSonic, Western Digital, Computer Arena 2022 promises to be a race with a lot of “sponsorship” competition from the big Computer Arena Taking place in nearly 30 professional arcades, stretching from north to south, 2022 creates opportunities for players from around the world to register to participate in the competition. Most notably, to ensure the quality of the competition, this year’s season limits the age of the participants (over 18 years old) and the participation of professional players, creating opportunities for players to shine as the new star of the eSport Village.

Not only that, with a total prize pool value of up to VND 200 million with many gifts from sponsors, Computer Arena 2022 is also a chance for players to improve their income and solve financial problems caused by Covid-19 competition. .

Media support for participating cyber games

In addition to investing in the tournament, Intel also creates conditions and provides full support for Cyber ​​​​Gaming to participate in the season. These are all familiar addresses like Vikings, GameHome, GamingX, Star Gaming, Black Kingdom, Amazing Arena, Net269, X-Stadium, Spartacus Gaming or Pegasus Gaming Arena. Joining this season, 27 cyber games have the opportunity to show their professionalism, grandiose scale and modern equipment not only to the participants but also to those who follow the progress of each match.


After 2 years of frozen activities due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese gambling village is looking forward to the return of professional tournaments with many values. Computer Arena 2022 promises to be one of the most spectacular playgrounds of the year, creating conditions for players to scrub and polish their names. This is also an opportunity to help promote the online gaming center brand after a “bad economic” season. Hopefully, players will have a full season of competition, creating a buzz for themselves and the gaming industry as a whole.

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Players can follow the match schedule details on the Computer Arena fan page at the link: