It’s a joke, a famous streamer was banned for… milking a cow in the game

It's a joke, a famous streamer was banned for... milking a cow in the game

New World – Amazon’s MMO is causing more and more scandal when a series of problems appear in the game, even causing scandals that damage computer hardware. And the next victim of this game is none other than the famous streamer AnnieFuchsia.

Recently, while live streaming New World, AnnieFuchsia was surprised to see a window appear with a notification that she had been permanently banned from the game just because… she milked a cow. What’s worth mentioning here is that milking a cow is not a difficult, controversial, or prohibited action in the game. On the contrary, it is one of the basic daily activities and players are even rewarded for it.

As soon as she understood what was happening, the streamer burst out laughing and even noticed that the title of the ban was spelled incorrectly. It is evidence that this is a random ban or that there is false information, which will help the streamer appeal and get her account back. This is also not the first time a player has been banned while performing a simple action in the game.

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Asmongold, another famous streamer, also quickly contacted AnniFuchsia to learn more about the situation and spoke to the staff working on the New World project. This employee said that the ban on female streamers was just a coincidence, they were trying to remove it, and that milking cows is a completely normal activity in the game.


Most players find this situation quite funny, but there are also some players who criticize New World. Lackluster storytelling and confusing bans are making players increasingly impatient with New World.

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