Join Ziggs to blitz the beat in Hextech Mayhem

Join Ziggs to blitz the beat in Hextech Mayhem

Riot Forge, a subsidiary of Riot Games, responsible for developing standalone games in the League of Legends universe, and developer Bit.Trip Choice Provisions have announced their latest product: Hextech Mayhem: Transmission Theory of League of Legends.

Hextech Mayhem is a rhythm game in which the player controls two League of Legends characters, Ziggs and Heimerdinger, who move to the beat of the music while dropping city-destroying bombs along the way. The game will launch on Switch and Steam on November 16 for 150,000 VND.

Netflix announced that they are integrating the game into the mobile app. This latest announcement opens up the prospect of a future in which Netflix acts as a gaming service. While players on other platforms need to pay to experience the game, Hextech Mayhem is released for free on mobile devices for users who sign up for a Netflix account.


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