1. KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX Walkthrough Overview

1. KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX Walkthrough Overview
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Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix! The following pages will guide you through the entire game, from the first choices all the way to the end credits. Each World page has everything you need to know about that World, separated into sections.

The first section will always consist of instructions on how to complete the story content of that World. It starts with when you first land, and goes all the way until you seal the Keyhole. Exceptions to this rule are Traverse Town, Olympus Coliseum, and Hollow Bastion, as these Worlds require multiple trips to complete.

The second section of each page features instructions for all of the extra stuff. This includes locations of rare enemies, areas you couldn’t access during the first pass through, finding all of the Trinity Marks, etc.

There is a separate page for Jiminy’s Journal, and all of the contents therein. This page will consist of mostly the same content you’ve already seen, but organized in the same way as the game. This will help narrow down your search when trying to find things you have missed.

For much the same reason, there is a page dedicated to Item Synthesis. It contains a full list of all synthesis items, including the location of all materials, how many you will need, and tips on farming them.


It is entirely possible to complete all of Kingdom Hearts in one playthrough. In fact, you can watch someone do exactly that in fewer than 10 hours by clicking this link here. This is quite difficult, and is only recommended for veterans of the series, or action RPGs in general.

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For the easiest time, I recommend three distinct playthroughs, and will outline them below. Note that you can do Playthroughs #2 and #3 in either order.

Playthrough #1

Your initial playthrough will get you the vast majority of the Trophies, and also allow you to enjoy the story. Choose Beginner or Final Mix for your difficulty, based on your preference. You will attain all Trophies related to the Story, synthesis items, gummi ships, and Jiminy’s Journal. This includes all optional bosses and mini-games, as well as getting Sora to level 100.

Playthrough #2

When starting the second playthrough, pick Proud as your difficulty. While on this difficulty, skip the Olympus Coliseum and Atlantica Worlds. Use your previous save file to determine what synthesis items will be useful, and make only those ones during this run. You only need to make it to the end of the game.

Playthrough #3

Finally, start the last playthrough on Beginner. This run is to earn the “Undefeated”, “Speedster”, and “Unchanging Armor” Trophies. You will need to make it to the final boss without changing equipment, without selecting the Continue option after being defeated, and within 15 hours. This sounds far more difficult than it is. By skipping cutscenes, as well as both Olympus Coliseum and Atlantica, it is likely you will finish this run-through in fewer than 10 hours. (My final time was under 6!)

The final World here (The End of the World) can be quite tough with starting equipment, so consider making unique saves before entering that World. Focus on one of those Trophies at a time. For example, concentrate on Unchanging Armor first, then reload your last save and equip better gear before attempting Undefeated. This could save you quite a bit of headache and time.

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