20. KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX KH1: Synthesis Guide

20. KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX KH1: Synthesis Guide
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Synthesis Recipes

Item Synthesis is unlocked after Sora gains the ability to use the Green Trinity. Enter the Accessory Shop in Traverse Town and use the Green Trinity on the floor to drop a ladder that leads to the second floor.

At first only six recipes are available. The more recipes you successfully create (or MIX as the game says) the more will be unlocked.

RecipeMaterialQuantityMega-PotionSpirit Shardx1Power Shardx1Mythril Shardx4CottageLucid Shardx1Bright Shardx1Energy BangleSpirit Shardx2Bright Shardx1Power ChainPower Shardx2Lucid Shardx1Magic ArmletBlaze Shardx3Frost Shardx3Thunder Shardx3EXP EarringFury Stonex1Power Stonex1Mythril Stonex1Serenity Powerx1Dark Matterx3Mega-EtherBlaze Shardx1Frost Shardx1Thunder Shardx1Mythrilx2Guard EarringBright Shardx3Frost Shardx1Mythril Shardx3Angel BangleThunder Shardx3Bright Gemx3Golem ChainBlaze Shardx3Spirit Gemx1Rune ArmletBlaze Gemx3Frost Gemx3Thunder Gemx3Moogle BadgeBlazing Stonex1Frost Stonex1Lightning Stonex1Mythrilx5Orichalcumx3AP UpBlaze Gemx2Frost Gemx2Thunder Gemx2Mythrilx4Dark RingLucid Gemx2Bright Gemx2Master EarringSpirit Shardx5Spirit Gemx3Fury Stonex1Gaia BangleLucid Shardx5Lucid Gemx3Lightning Stonex1Titan ChainPower Shardx5Power Gemx3Power Stonex1MythrilMythril Shardx5Mythril Stonex1Mystery Goox1ElixirPower Crystalx1Shiny Crystalx1Bright Crystalx2Orichalcumx3Defense UpLucid Shardx3Bright Shardx3Bright Gemx2Power Crystalx1Orichalcumx5HeartguardLucid Gemx3Lucid Crystalx1Bright Crystalx1Three StarsPower Gemx5Mystery Goox3Shiny Crystalx1Atlas ArmletBlaze Shardx5Frost Shardx5Thunder Shardx5Mystery Goox1Dark Matterx3Crystal CrownLucid Crystalx5Power Crystalx1Shiny Crystalx1Blazing Stonex3Frost Stonex3Dark MatterLucid Shardx9Galex1Mythrilx2MegalixirLucid Gemx5Lucid Crystalx3Galex2Dark Matterx1Power UpSpirit Shardx5Spirit Gemx3Power Shardx5Power Gemx3Dark Matterx1Cosmic ArtsBright Shardx5Bright Gemx3Bright Crystalx1Mythril Stonex3EXP BraceletEnergy Stonex1Dazzling Stonex1Stormy Stonex1Orichalcumx8Dark Matterx3RibbonBlaze Gemx5Frost Gemx5Thunder Gemx5Galex1Serenity Powerx3FantasistaFury Stonex3Power Stonex3Mythril Stonex3Energy Stonex5Seven ElementsBlazing Stonex3Frost Stonex3Lightning Stonex3Dazzling Stonex5Ultima WeaponThunder Gemx5Mystery Goox5Serenity Powerx3Stormy Stonex3Dark Matterx3

Synthesis Materials

The following list contains all synthesis items, organized alphabetically by name. It shows the minimum quantity Sora needs to synthesize all items once. “Enemy Drop?” tells you what enemies will drop this item upon defeat, and “Chest?” provides the location of a chest if applicable. Items with multiple options will be listed separately below.

ItemQuantityEnemy DropWorldChest/LocationBlaze Gem10BanditAgrabahEnd of the World, Agrabah portalBlaze Shard12

Red Nocturne

VariousNoneBlazing Stone7ChimeraHalloween TownNoneBright Crystal4DefenderHollow BastionNoneBright Gem8Search GhostEnd of the WorldDeep Jungle portalBright Shard8

Green Requiem

VariousNoneDark Matter14NoneVariousSee belowDazzling Stone10Jet BalloonNeverlandNoneEnergy Stone6Stealth SoldierHollow BastionNoneFrost Gem10Sea NeonAtlanticaEnd of the World, Olympus Coliseum portalFrost Shard10

Blue Rhapsody

VariousNoneFrost Stone7Grand GhostMonstroNoneFury Stone5Gigas ShadowWonderlandNoneGale6Angel StarEnd of the WorldEnd of the World, Final DimensionLightning Stone5Black BalladeDeep JungleNoneLucid Crystal9DarkballVariousNoneLucid Gem13GargoyleHalloween TownEnd of the World, Halloween Town portalWight KnightLucid Shard37ShadowVariousNoneMystery Goo10White MushroomVariousNoneMythril17Arch BehemothVariousSee belowMythril Shard12Pot SpiderVariousSee belowMythril Stone8Pot ScorpionAgrabahNoneOrichalcum19NoneNoneSee belowPower Crystal3WyvernHollow BastionNonePower Gem11PirateNeverlandNoneAir PirateBattleshipPower Shard13PowerwildDeep JungleNoneBouncywildPower Stone5SniperwildTraverse TownNoneSerenity Power7Pink AgaricusDeep JungleSee belowShiny Crystal3WizardHollow BastionNoneSpirit Gem7Air SoldierTraverse TownEnd of the World, Traverse Town portalSpirit Shard13SoldierVariousNoneLarge BodyStormy Stone4NeoshadowEnd of the WorldNoneThunder Gem15ScrewdiverAtlanticaNoneThunder Shard12Yellow OperaVariousNone

Blazing Stone

EnemyChimeraLocationHalloween Town# Required7What you needNothing specific

Unfortunately, there is no quick place to land. Start from Guillotine Gate, and work your way through the level back to the Manor Ruins, where Sora fought Oogie Boogie. Drop down off the bridge to the ground below, where enemies immediately appear.

In order to see if the Chimera has spawned, look at the fence for the Red Trinity symbol. If you already have the item from this Trinity, but the symbol has reappeared, then the Chimera will spawn. If you have the treasure and the symbol is not there, you will need to leave and re-enter the Manor Ruins until it does.

You will have to defeat a handful of Wight Knights before the Chimera appears. Attack it normally until it jumps up onto a nearby boulder. The Chimera will summon four gargoyles, but they are fairly easy to defeat.

Several times throughout this fight, the Chimera will enter a phase where it shoots out colored orbs of light. You want to hit these back at the Chimera to earn some bonus experience, but they also increase the chance of extra Blazing Stones being dropped at the end of the fight. I can’t confirm it, but it appears as though having Aerora/ga active during this phase automatically sends the light orbs back.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is one of the rarest synthesis items. 11 can be found in a handful of places, but the final three must be synthesized.


  • Wonderland, Tea Party Garden, go to Bizarre Room (Side) and drop the teddy bear, Move it while large to activate the clock, Move the clock to uncover a hidden doorway that leads to this chest
  • Agrabah, Main Street
  • Monstro, White Trinity in Chamber 6
  • Hundred Acre Wood, Bouncing Spot
  • Halloween Town, Cemetery
  • Neverland, Ship: Hold, behind the Yellow Trinity door
  • Hollow Bastion, Waterway
  • Hollow Bastion, Grand Hall
  • End of the World, Giant Crevasse


  • Olympus Coliseum, complete the Pegasus Cup Time Trial
  • Deep Jungle, Jungle Slider Mini Game, complete the Jade Spiral course

Energy Stone

EnemyStealth SoldierLocationHollow BastionItems Required6What you needStop

There are two rooms where Stealth Soldier can spawn: the Entrance, and the Grand Hall.


The best way to grind here is to warp to the Library and exit either of the doors to the Entrance. Approach the main fountain to spawn the initial wave of enemies. If you see 2 Wizards and 2 Large Bodies, leave and re-enter. If you see 2 Wizards and 1 Large Body, a Stealth Soldier has also spawned.

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Once you defeat this wave of enemies, head up the staircase. Another Stealth Soldier will spawn with this group of enemies.

Finally, use the elevators to get to the second floor, and find a third and final Stealth Soldier here.

Grand Hall (Recommended)

Warp to the Castle Chapel, and head through the Lift Stop to get to the Grand Hall. The first group of enemies should spawn a Stealth Soldier in the second wave, alongside 2 Large Bodies. If you see 4 regular Soldiers, leave and re-enter to try again. Be careful, as this Steath Soldier tends to disappear once the Large Bodies are gone.

Head up the stairs to where Sora had his solo duel with Riku. Another 2 Stealth Soldiers will appear during wave 3.

Despite being invisible, Sora can lock-on to the Stealth Soldiers just like any other enemy. Dealing enough damage to them will temporarily dispel their invisibility, but the easiest way to fight them is to cast Stop. This effect lasts for an extremely short amount of time, but it is useful to get in close and deal some damage.

Lucid Shard

Required: 37

These are regularly dropped from Shadows, which can be found everywhere. This is best combined with searching farming Gigas Shadows. 19 Lucid Shards are required to make other items, but you need an additional 18 in order to craft two extra Dark Matters.


Required: 17

“An extremely rare metal ore.” Mythril is found in several chests, and can be synthesized as well. 13 are required to make other items, with an additional 4 required to make two extra Dark Matters.


  • Traverse Town, Green Room, change the clock to 7:00
  • Wonderland, Tea Party Garden, use the alternate entrance in Lotus Forest or High Jump
  • Deep Jungle, Vines
  • Deep Jungle, Tree House, in the boat
  • Deep Jungle, Waterfall Cavern
  • Agrabah, Main Street
  • Monstro, Chamber 5
  • Monstro, Chamber 6
  • Atlantica, Undersea Valley
  • Atlantica, in the Sunken Ship
  • Atlantica, Ursula’s Lair
  • Hollow Bastion, Base Level


  • Traverse Town, mail the 5th Postcard
  • Traverse Town, rescue 51 dalmatian puppies
  • Olympus Coliseum, Green Trinity by the banners
  • Hundred Acre Wood, break a log in Bouncing Spot
  • Hundred Acre Wood, finish the Tigger’s Giant Pot Mini-Game
  • Neverland, open the 6:00 door
  • Hollow Bastion, use the red switch at the bottom of the Lift Stop
  • End of the World, Final Dimension, defeat the Arch Behemoth

Mythril Shard

Required: 12

Mythril Shards are actually fairly common, as they can be found all over the place in several chests, and are dropped by Pot Spiders.


  • Traverse Town, in the Accessory Shop
  • Traverse Town, on the roofs of the buildings in Second District
  • Traverse Town, in the Synthesis Workshop
  • Olympus Coliseum, Blue Trinity
  • Deep Jungle, in the Cliff area
  • Deep Jungle, in the Tent
  • Deep Jungle, in the Waterfall Cavern
  • Agrabah, Cave of Wonders, Hall
  • Agrabah, Cave of Wonders, Treasure Room
  • Hundred Acre Wood, Wood: Meadow
  • Hundred Acre Wood, Bouncing Spot
  • Atlantica, red shell in Undersea Valley
  • Atlantica, blue shell in Undersea Gorge
  • Atlantica, yellow shell in Triton’s Palace
  • Atlantica, chest near the Sunken Ship
  • Atlantica, chest in the Sunken Ship
  • Halloween Town, Red Trinity in Manor’s Ruins
  • End of the World, Final Dimension (x2)


  • Traverse Town, mail the 2nd Postcard
  • Wonderland, Green Trinity in the Bizarre Room’s fireplace
  • Wonderland, Lotus Forest, pass through Bizarre Room (Side) to get here
  • Wonderland, Bizarre Room, explore Bizarre Room (Side) to drop the bear, then return to Bizarre Room normal and Read the red book
  • Deep Jungle, Green Trinity in Treetop
  • Agrabah, Red Trinity in the Cave of Wonders Treasure Room
  • Monstro, Green Trinity above Geppetto’s ship
  • Monstro, Blue Trinity inside the Throat
  • Hundred Acre Wood, finish the Block Tigger Mini-Game
  • Hundred Acre Wood, trade three rare nuts to Owl
  • Neverland, open the 3:00 door
  • Neverland, open the 11:00 door


Required: 19

The easiest place to find Orichalcum is the Item Store in Traverse Town. It is available for 5,000 munny for one piece. Alternatively, you can pick them up from the following places.


  • Traverse Town, White Trinity in the Secret Waterway
  • Wonderland, Lotus Forest, atop a lily pad above the pond (requires Glide)
  • Deep Jungle, in Waterfall Cavern
  • Deep Jungle, White Trinity in the Cavern of Hearts
  • Atlantica, use the geyser in the Undersea Gorge, accessed from Sunken Ship
  • Atlantica, White Trinity in Triton’s Palace
  • Halloween Town, Oogie’s Manor (can be found before or after the boss)
  • Neverland, Ship: Hold, behind the Yellow Trinity door
  • Neverland, Pirate Ship, in one of the crow’s nests
  • Hollow Bastion, Lift Stop
  • Hollow Bastion, Castle Gates, glide across from the balcony after going through the Lift Stop
  • Hollow Bastion, Great Crest


  • Traverse Town, mail the 8th Postcard
  • Traverse Town, rescue 72 dalmatian puppies
  • Olympus Coliseum, complete the Pegasus Cup Solo Challenge
  • Olympus Coliseum, examine the purple pot outside of the Lobby after completing the Hades Cup
  • Hundred Acre Wood, bring five rare nuts to Owl
  • Neverland, open the 1:00 door
  • Neverland, open the 9:00 door
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Power Stone

EnemySniperwildLocationTraverse Town# Required5What you needStopra/ga

Sniperwilds begin spawning as soon as the 2nd Visit to Traverse Town, but I recommend waiting until Stopra or Stopga is unlocked.

Fly to Traverse Town and land at the Accessory Shop. Leave through the door (or climb to the Synthesis Shop and leave from there) and move through the doors to the 2nd District. The Sniperwilds appear fairly regularly in the middle area in front of the fountain.

Initially, only one Sniperwild appears. After defeating it, two more appear. With those two taken out, three more of the Heartless will spawn in. This cycle repeats a total of five times before ending. Each time a Sniperwild is defeated, the experience is increased by 10p, and the chance for a Power Stone dropping is increased.

If Sora is seen by a Sniperwild, it will sound the alarm. At this point, more Sniperwilds will begin to spawn, making unavoidable ranged attacks at Sora. These Sniperwilds will not drop experience or items, so do not waste time fighting them. Exit via the nearest door, and come back to try again.

There is a very short window of time where Sora can attack and defeat the Sniperwild before the alarm goes off. While this is helpful, the best tactic is to wait for one of them to move away from the others and cast Stop. Sora should be more than able to deal enough damage to defeat the Sniperwild before Stop wears off.

Serenity Power

EnemyPink AgaricusLocationDeep Jungle, Tree HouseItems Required7What you needAerora/ga, Stopra/ga, a low Strength/high MP Keyblade

Equip a Keyblade with the lowest increase to Strength, and the highest increase to maximum MP. The best Keyblade for this is the Diamond Dust, which is awarded to Sora after completing the Gold Match at Olympus Coliseum. Additional accessories that raise MP, such as the Atlas Armlet and Cosmic Arts, are extremely useful.

If you haven’t unlocked the Diamond Dust yet, the Lady Luck is a decent substitute.

Fly to Deep Jungle, and land at the Jungle: Tunnel. Jump up the platforms and move through the Treetop and Climbing Trees to the Tree House. Upon entering the area, you are looking for a White Mushroom directly ahead on the path. If no White Mushroom is present, leave and re-enter the screen until they do. See the first picture below.

These White Mushrooms are slightly different in that they only want you to cast Stop. There are three White Mushrooms to cast Stop on, and the other two are hidden throughout the area.

Once all three White Mushrooms have been Stopped, the Pink Agaricus will spawn inside the Tree House. See the second picture below.

Do not engage the Pink Agaricus right away. Instead, cast Aero on Sora, then Stop on the Heartless. Lock-on to the Pink Agaricus, then attack the head. The goal here is to get as significant a hit combo as possible. Once Stop wears off, a hit counter will appear in the form of experience. The higher the combo, the better chance that the Pink Agaricus will drop a Serenity Power.

I have seen several people online recommend equipping the Ragnarok Ability for this fight, and using it to get even higher scores. In my experience, it didn’t trigger often enough to be worth it.

What you should see when you enter the Tree House. The Pink Agaricus inside the Tree House.

Stormy Stone

EnemyNeoshadowLocationEnd of the WorldItems Required4What you needAerora/ga

This enemy only appears in the final world, the End of the World, and is a rare enemy in the last area of the map. Aerora is sufficient, but Aeroga is better.

Fly to the End of the World, and choose to land at the Final Rest. Use the heart-shaped door to enter the Linked Worlds area. There are three potential enemy spawns here: a group of Invisibles and Angel Stars, several White Mushrooms, or eight Neoshadows.

The Neoshadows work similarly to the Gigas Shadows from Wonderland. As soon as they start to spawn, cast Aero on Sora. As stronger Shadows, they have the same annoying tactic, in that they can merge with the ground and avoid attacks. They teleport around a lot, and will occasionally burst out of the ground to grab at Sora’s feet.

With Aero up, attack the Neoshadows as normal. Aero will deal constant damage (assuming it is upgraded to Aerora or Aeroga), and protect Sora from damage. Only the final Neoshadow will drop an item, but the Stormy Stone has a significant drop chance assuming you defeat all eight.


You gain several Achievements for synthesizing items. They will unlock in the following order:

  • First Synthesis

    Synthesize an item for the first time.

  • Synthesis Novice

    Synthesize 3 types of items.

  • Synthesis Amateur

    Synthesize 15 types of items.

  • Synthesis Vet

    Synthesize 30 types of items.

  • Synthesis Master

    Synthesize all items.