Knights of Veda: where the dark fantasy adventure begins

Knights of Veda: where the dark fantasy adventure begins

Dragon Blaze 2: Knights of Veda was first announced last March and it took a year for developer FLINT to provide more information about the sequel to this mobile RPG.

Dragon Blaze 2: Knights of Veda will be cross-platform on PC and mobile devices. The developer also plans to release a Console version. The developer is working on fixing cross-platform sync issues and optimizing PC graphics. The game supports multiplayer up to 3 players, applicable to the entire game. The game will have content that requires players to control themselves, not automatically. Dragon Blaze 2 has a vision that emphasizes control skills and is an exciting action game. The 2D side-scrolling element and collectible characters remain the same as they were announced last year.

Dragon Blaze 2 is a prequel to Dragon Blaze (published by Gamevil, now Com2uS Holdings). Dragon Blaze starts with very cute quests with vibrant colors. However, Part 2 will take players back to the dark ages. The game has a new cast of characters, plot, and worldview, unrelated to part 1.

Dragon Blaze 2 is made by the main developers of Dragon Blaze and is a very important project for FLINT. The Dragon Blaze 2 development team currently consists of 90 people, but FLINT intends to increase this number to 120 before the game is released.

According to FLINT’s plan, the game will launch with 28 characters. Internal testing is expected to begin in South Korea later this year. Then there is the Closed Beta phase and the official release. The developer plans to release artbooks, webtoons, galleries, and more merchandise and content for Dragon Blaze 2.


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