KONAMI 88 Game Review

KONAMI 88, also known as Hyper Sports Special in Japan and ’88 Games in North America, is the third entry of Track & Field game series. Players compete in eight events such as 100m dash, long jump and 400m relay race.

Entering the Konami Code at the Options screen unlocks a special character and grants 30 free lives to players.

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konami 88, also known as Hyper Sports Special in Japan and “88 Games” in North America, tests Olympic skill by having players compete in eight events. After depositing a coin, Konami 88 begins with a short animation before starting with 100 Meter Dash; once starting this race under 17 seconds will enable advancement to Long Jump.

Most sequences are simple and can be completed quickly with practice, though occasionally players will encounter glitches where a button press is not recognized or repeated, halting the sequence and forcing an awkward or lengthy restart process.

Konami’s designers made sure to include some great graphic details in the presentation that enrich the gaming experience, like athletes warming up for their events in the background during 100 meter dashes or how the long jump feature changes from side view of athlete to perspective view when jumping – to give an authentic representation of how someone leaps through the air!


The controls are straightforward. Players use two joysticks to move their character left and right, with the X and O buttons used for jumping. There are also forward/backward directional buttons and an onscreen map viewer which shows where their location is – this feature makes finding hidden areas much simpler!

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Konami 88 (originally released as Hyper Sports Special in Japan and ’88 Games in North America) is loosely inspired by the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, featuring several events such as 100m dash and long jump. These races pit athletes against each other as they race against both time and each other; long jump requires players to run to the starting line before leaping forward as far as possible in an effort to propel themselves as far.

The Konami Code — sometimes known in Japan as Konami Komando — is a series of button presses used to unlock features in Konami games. Generally it can be entered via the options menu but other methods may also work.