Konami eFootball 1.0 Update

konami efootball iniciar sesion

Six months after its disappointing initial launch – which consisted of little more than an unfinished demo with glitches – Konami’s football series has taken steps forward with its 1.0 update. While passing still requires laser precision and balls have the turning circle of Euro Truck Simulator – there have been welcome additions such as new gameplay approaches and modes.

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PES gameplay involves controlling an association football team or individual player within its rules, using skill and practice to master. There are multiple game modes and events available such as Online, Offline, Edit Mode and Master League which players can experience. Furthermore, this game provides access to licensed teams and players.

Konami has grown less accommodating of fan editing over time, yet fans still persist in creating modified kits and changing player stats. Unfortunately, Konami now regularly encrypts data pertaining to kits and player details in each release, making hacks difficult for even tech-savvy players to access.

This game suffers from numerous flaws that render it unplayable, such as its poor AI that forces defenders to get too physical with attackers and an officiating AI that misses leg breaking tackles due to being too myopic for their job. Furthermore, online play suffers from significant lag that results in input delays or momentary pauses resulting in frustration from playing this game.


Konami’s eFootball franchise stands out among mobile titles as an innovative title with unfavorable graphics, an intuitive user interface and unremarkable ways of playing football that don’t match reality.

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Linking your data with KONAMI ID allows you to start using eFootball points in-game. To do so, either select “Link KONAMI ID” in-game or go to My KONAMI website and scan the 2D barcode – both options offer seamless linking* Terms and conditions of use apply.


Konami has made significant efforts to secure licensed teams and players for its eFootball game, featuring nine licensed clubs such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus at launch as well as Manchester United, Arsenal, Corinthians Flamengo Sao Paulo et al.

This week’s 2.4 update brings in 97 real-world professional teams for players to test against one another online or offline in trial match mode. There are also an assortment of iconic past players such as Pele and Maradona as well as Cantona and Zidane featured in the game.

The French Football Federation (FFF) has signed an agreement with Konami that grants them various licensing rights for eFootball, which will include media and promotional activities related to EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. Konami recently lost AC Milan and Inter Milan licenses in Pro Evolution Soccer; this will not impact myClub players who acquired these clubs via Konami but acquired them elsewhere eFootball will feature all UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers, Italy Serie A/B/C, French L1&2 plus top flight matches from Portugal/Turkey/Russia/Holland leagues!