Konami’s eFootball 2022 and eFootball 2023: Exciting Updates for Football Gamers

Konami’s eFootball 2022 and eFootball 2023: Exciting Updates for Football Gamers

Konami’s eFootball series has been making headlines lately, with major updates coming to both eFootball 2022 and eFootball 2023. Football enthusiasts and gamers alike are eagerly anticipating these enhancements, which promise to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Let’s dive into the details and see what Konami has in store for us!

eFootball 2022: A Fresh Approach to Football Simulation

eFootball 2022, the successor to the popular Pro Evolution Soccer series, is receiving its first major update this Autumn. Despite a rocky start, Konami is determined to bring a fresh and exciting experience to players. The upcoming update introduces new match types and an in-game item exchange model, providing players with even more incentives to finish matches.

But that’s not all! Konami has also revamped the player animation system to make each action look more realistic. From accurate ball trajectories to lifelike player movements and positions on the pitch, eFootball 2022 aims to deliver an immersive gameplay experience. The addition of new dribbles and body feints adds an impressive touch, while the ability to block an opponent’s shot will leave you truly amazed.

At launch, players will have the option to enjoy eFootball either offline or online with up to nine other players, using renowned teams such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Arsenal FC, River Plate, Flamengo, and Sao Paulo. Moreover, cross-generational online play will be supported between PS5 and the two latest Xbox generations.

Konami has also taken into account the needs of current mobile users of eFootball 2022. They will be able to transfer many of their in-game items to the new version, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, Konami is conducting an in-game survey to gather valuable user feedback and opinions on the changes made.

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eFootball 2023: A Delight for Football Fans

Konami’s popular football franchise, formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer, is now called eFootball 2023. This highly anticipated release brings a plethora of new features and licenses. Football enthusiasts can expect a deeper Master League competition and the opportunity to become an International Legend player.

AC Milan and Inter Milan from Italy’s Serie A, as well as Club America from Liga BBVA MX, are just a few of the new licenses added to eFootball 2023. But that’s not all! Players can now unlock special rewards by participating in various in-game events. By earning eFootball Points, players can redeem them for exclusive player contracts, such as special players, contract extensions, and other exciting bonuses.

To start earning eFootball Points, players need to link their game account with their KONAMI ID. Once done, they can access the eFootball Points window from the My KONAMI menu or scan a 2D barcode displayed within the game to visit the associated website directly.

Moreover, eFootball fans will find the Player Market a valuable hub to buy items using their hard-earned points. National Team Events will also provide an exciting opportunity to represent their countries on an international stage, competing in trial matches between National Teams.

eFootball 2024 and Beyond

Konami’s dedication to enhancing the eFootball experience extends beyond the current releases. The company has recently unveiled eFootball 2024, which comes with improved gameplay and exciting features. Partner club updates, enhanced dribbling and defending mechanics, and Boosters that allow players to enhance player attributes beyond normal limits are just a taste of what’s to come. Furthermore, Konami continues its partnership with football icon Lionel Messi, who serves as the global ambassador and cover star of this title.

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Fans can fulfil their dream of building their ultimate team by selecting authentic club squads for exhibition matches, competing online with friends in Co-Op mode, or indulging in the offline experience with Edit Mode. In future updates, licensed La Liga BBVA MX club teams will also become available.

While the visual quality of eFootball is not yet on par with its rival, EA Sports’ FIFA series, Konami has made significant improvements in terms of graphics. Player models, crowd visuals, and lighting have all been updated, giving the game a fresher and more appealing look.

eFootball 2024 is now available for download on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and mobile platforms. Additionally, for a limited time, the Leo Messi Edition can be purchased, which includes an Epic card of Messi, 10 Highlight players from his previous teams, 4,000 EXP points, and 300 eFootball coins.

As we look ahead to the future, Konami is committed to further revamping the eFootball series. The company recognizes the need for improvements and aims to compete with EA Sports’ FIFA series by embracing gaming industry trends and enhancing the realism and immersive nature of the gameplay. Expect updated kits, stadiums, and squads that reflect real-life transfers, making the eFootball experience even more exciting and authentic for football fans worldwide.

So, mark your calendars, football gamers! The eFootball series is set to captivate you with its thrilling updates, bringing you closer than ever to the beautiful game. Visit Capturing Fantasy for more exciting gaming news and stay tuned for more updates from Konami’s eFootball universe!