Konami Efootball 2023 Mobile Gets a Small Update

konami efootball 2023 mobile

Konami recently unveiled an update for their efootball 2023 mobile game, version 2.5.1. The update should improve performance on specific devices.

Updates include updated player data reflecting the summer transfer window, as well as adding Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes and Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold as eFootball Player Ambassadors. Two new card types – Epic and Highlight cards – have also been introduced.


efootball 2023 mobile takes many of the beloved elements from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), revamps them for an enhanced, immersive experience and puts them to use to deliver an unparalleled soccer simulator experience. Play against either an authentic Team or create your own dream squad and enjoy extraordinary gameplay realism thanks to developers closely tracking attacking and defensive variables in real-life matches.

Additionally, the game enables you to customize your gameplay experience through various features and settings. You can adjust player speeds or change goalkeeper placement in order to make scoring harder for opponents; improve team effectiveness through tactical skill moves or player skill upgrades; and even alter pitch surfaces to increase ball bounce and friction.

Upgrade your stadium to unlock new facilities and increase seating for fans. At present, efootball 2023 mobile has a maximum stadium capacity of 50,000 seats; however, with certain events and missions completed this can be increased up to 100,000!

KONAMI has also announced additional features are planned, including selectable teams in Authentic Team mode, cross-platform compatibility with consoles, and mobile controller compatibility.

KONAMI also recently announced that additional 5-star players would be added in the Spring update, making them available to be purchased with eFootball Coins or GP. Furthermore, they are considering adding player contract renewal tickets so gamers may unlock legendary players more easily.


Konami efootball 2023 mobile is a free soccer game offering licensed teams and realistic gameplay. Unlike other football titles, this one allows you to manage players on your team in real-time as though they were actually on the pitch with you; using touch screen-adapted buttons you can control their deep passes, take shots or even make bicycle kicks before crossing into goal for goalscoring opportunities!

Even though this free-to-play game requires only minimal space and Internet bandwidth to operate smoothly, as its high-resolution graphics, robust online multiplayer experience, and in-game store make for a demanding playing experience. Furthermore, its gameplay resembles its predecessor Pro Evolution Soccer as developers worked hard to make its experience as immersive and easy for users by providing intuitive control schemes with intuitive yet straightforward use of controls.

The gameplay in this new installment of the series may still not be perfect, but it has seen dramatic improvement over the previous game in this series. Pacing of defensive line is much improved; now faster and more responsive it makes for more exciting playback experience. Moreover, developers have addressed an issue where losing possession would cause your team to quickly drop into defensive formation when losing possession.

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Developers plan on releasing an important update this spring dubbed, Version 2.5.0. This version will include various new features and improvements such as upgrading players to 5-star status, the Bruno Fernandes Showtime card featuring unique traits, as well as more GP and training items upon logging-in or participating in events.

Offline play

eFootball 2023 mobile provides players with several offline features to enjoy, such as Trial Match mode for casual matches, PvP/11v11 events in Event match mode and Clear Challenges to earn rewards – though a stable internet connection must be present to use these features effectively.

This game allows users to form their own club and compete against other clubs online in online competitions. Furthermore, the game includes an extensive roster of real-life footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr – giving an authentic feel. You can even customize jerseys so your experience feels even more authentic!

This update brings with it some significant upgrades to the dribbling system, alleviating some of the sluggishness in controlling players. Furthermore, players now have more freedom in moving without depending on skills for control.

Another notable addition is Liga BBVA MX. Players can experience all 18 clubs of Liga BBVA MX with official kits included, while two former Konami partners: AC Milan and Inter Milan have made their return; complete with official badges, kits, stadium and stadium in-game!

With these updates, eFootball 2023 has quickly become one of the best soccer games on mobile devices. Offering free-to-play gameplay and immersing yourself into football’s vibrant world, you can play casual matches against friends or AI, compete in PvP or online Events matches and build your dream team – not to mention compatibility with most Android smartphones if at least 4.0 GB storage space is available to install the game!


After an uncertain launch, eFootball 2023 is finally reaching players. Available free-to-play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and mobile devices; its most recent update brought new licenses, improvements and gameplay fixes for users to enjoy.

This update brings two iconic Italian clubs – AC Milan and Internazionale Milano – as well as their official kits and badges to eFootball: AC Milan and Internazionale Milano are introduced, along with Liga BBVA MX, which adds 18 Mexican clubs. Furthermore, KONAMI introduces two eFootball Player Ambassadors – Liverpool sensation Trent Alexander-Arnold from Liverpool FC and Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United FC alongside upgrades in player skills and upgrades while moving players between attacking and defensive situations more responsively than before compared with before – both are included within this update!

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Even after its improvements, eFootball 2023 still suffers from several issues that keep it from becoming an excellent soccer game. These include its confusing economy and frustrating interface design – as well as lacking many special football modes like EA Sports FIFA 23. Nonetheless, you may still enjoy it provided that you can work around its shortcomings.

Thankfully, KONAMI has pledged to address these issues with new updates in the near future and has even established a dedicated forum to assist players with troubleshooting issues they encounter in-game. Furthermore, they’ve made numerous other improvements, including increased rewards and options for players – sure to delight fans of eFootball while giving it an essential boost in popularity; therefore eFootball should definitely be worth exploring if you love soccer.


Players can experience the world of football from their mobile device with Konami’s free-to-play sports game efootball 2023 mobile. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, it requires ample storage space as well as a stable Internet connection in order to function optimally.

Konami has released the association football simulation video game efootball 2023 mobile, the successor to Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. efootball 2023 mobile features a brand-new football engine designed to emphasize one-on-one battles for control of the ball as well as various features to enhance player experiences and customize game play.

Minimum system requirements for the game include an Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD FX-4350 CPU with 8GB RAM; for optimal results it is advised that an Intel Core i5-7600 Ryzen 5 1600 processor be utilized alongside either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 590 graphics card and broadband internet service be present.

Konami recently released an update which includes several new player cards. They include new versions of Neymar (with high stats of 98), Romario (97) and Edmilson (94) for players to collect via login bonuses or challenge events; you can even unlock Brazilian national team kits as well as the football stadium in Brazil!

Konami has added a special campaign to commemorate efootball 2023 mobile’s sixth anniversary by offering original prizes and in-game items as part of an anniversary promotion, running May 18 to May 25. Participants in this competition may win rewards like an original poster signed by Bruno Fernandez, Kanehide Kubo and Trent Alexander-Arnold as well as unique items in-game rewards like signed posters.