Konami eFootball 2023 Mobile

Konami‘s free-to-play football game may seem repetitive at times, but it still provides plenty of enjoyment. The latest update adds AC Milan and Inter Milan from Italy as well as Liga BBVA MX side Club America from Liga BBVA MX with replica kits and players already installed.

There are also plenty of new card types to collect and events with real opponents online – though offline play may be limited.


eFootball 2023 mobile is an alternative soccer simulation game that does not require consoles or high-performance gaming PCs; players control their teams using touch screens on any phone – iPhone or Android alike! You can make walls, send deep balls into space, take shots and even perform bicycle kicks just like on real football fields!

The new version of this game boasts many exciting features, such as improved physics and new game modes. Furthermore, multiple devices can now play simultaneously; you can even compete online against players around the globe! This makes the experience all the more thrilling and challenging; an invaluable opportunity to test yourself against others!

Konami recently unveiled an update for eFootball 2023 that brings with it significant modifications to gameplay, according to Konami’s patch notes. These updates include improved physics and player animations as well as a dribbling system designed to make passing and dribbling simpler and the addition of licensed teams and leagues.

eFootball 2023 will also offer two brand new player card types. Highlight will feature handpicked stars who have made significant performances during this season; their progression ceiling will be higher than for featured players; Epic will honor major names from history or present with higher progression curves than Legendary cards.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Bruno Fernandes will become global ambassadors, providing even more depth to gameplay while adding their unique strategies to make the game even more engaging for players of all levels.

Whoever plans on downloading the game should keep in mind that it requires plenty of free space and an internet connection that is stable to run properly, as well as not being compatible with older mobile operating systems.


eFootball 2023 mobile is a beautiful football game with stunning visuals. Featuring HD 3D world and realistic player likenesses, you can create your own team and compete against others in offline matches – this version of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) can be found both on Android and iOS devices.

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video game franchise, widely recognized for its high-quality graphics and gameplay, utilizes Unreal Engine technology and features various game modes – traditional arcade mode as well as career mode where you can manage your team and participate in competitions – but these days PES stands alone as one of the premier sports video game series available on consoles and PC.

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This game offers an abundance of National Team events for you to experience the full spectrum of emotions. Compete in fierce competitions or show off your skills by competing offline two vs two matches; all this while earning valuable Valorant Points free.

As part of its 6.0.0 update, Konami is giving away freebies in celebration of six years since releasing their popular mobile football game – including in-game resources and a special card honoring Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes! Furthermore, new licenses and improvements will also be added into gameplay.

Although eFootball may not boast as many teams and players as FIFA, its roster of clubs from around the world remains impressive. You’ll find all of Italy’s premier clubs as well as Liga BBVA MX (Mexico). Additionally, this game provides some of the finest football stars worldwide.

If you enjoy football, this mobile game should definitely be on your list of things to try! With stunning graphics and easy game play, its graphics quality make this an exciting game to experience. Unfortunately, gameplay may sometimes be slow; to speed things up a bit you could try increasing graphics quality which would speed things up and make for more engaging playback. Download it from Google Play Store; however before doing so be sure that there is enough storage space available before doing so!

Online play

eFootball 2023 mobile offers an online multiplayer experience, enabling players to compete against friends or other players worldwide in an interactive multiplayer matchup. This helps foster an energetic community while adding an exciting element of competition; plus it features improved artificial intelligence which enhances behavior and decision-making for computer-controlled players resulting in more challenging and exciting gameplay!

eFootball 2023 offers an immersive football gaming experience with more realistic graphics than previous PES and eFootball titles, thanks to its online play feature. New and more realistic additions have been introduced into this year’s edition such as player card type diversification that gives more options when building your dream team and a manager pack that lets you add an exceptional manager like J. Cruijff or F. Cannavaro who will elevate your Dream Team even further.

eFootball 2023 not only boasts its online features, but also provides an engaging on-pitch action experience. Its graphics are high definition and boast various details such as dynamic lighting and shadows. Furthermore, its high dynamic range technology enables it to offer rich colors and enhanced contrast for a more realistic visual experience suited for fans of soccer and football alike.

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eFootball stands out as an innovative and engaging gaming experience with its variety of modes, providing an exciting and thrilling gaming experience. Alongside its online mode, there are various offline challenges and events where you can earn prizes such as special cards or in-game currencies which can help enhance the performance of both you and your team.

Konami has been offering regular updates and engaging with the eFootball 2023 Mobile community, making the game more fun and engaging. Their approach has resulted in many upgrades and new features making eFootball 2023 Mobile more competitive and realistic than ever before – they even announced recently that a major update is on its way this spring!


Konami recently unveiled an update to their efootball 2023 mobile game, adding new features and improving existing ones. These improvements include enhanced artificial intelligence that makes computer-controlled opponents smarter and more challenging, as well as adding an online social feature enabling players to compete against each other online – this feature adds depth and engagement, adding another level of engagement and fun into gameplay.

The update introduces the ability for players to utilize custom keyboards within the game, making it simpler for them to manage their team and navigate menus. Furthermore, it enhances graphics and performance. With high dynamic range (HDR) technology now featured, vivid colors and realistic shadows now boast vibrant hues; new effects such as dynamic lighting and water reflections help further improve visual quality of this incredibly immersive game experience.

Additionally, the efootball 2023 mobile update includes several new features and modes. Of particular note is Friend Match mode, which enables players to compete using their Dream Teams against friends online in online matches – an essential feature found in many sports games – providing players with an opportunity to test out tactics against fellow teammates. Furthermore, four Club Packs including FC Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich will be made available for use with this mode.

Another notable addition is the option to compete against friends online in a ranked match, providing an invaluable way to test your skills against other players and increase your odds of victory. Plus, these matches allow you to unlock new items in the store and move up in rank!

Though these improvements have enhanced the multiplayer aspect of the game, some players remain disappointed at its multiplayer aspect. Without a career mode or dedicated servers available online servers can make the game less competitive; Konami has pledged to bring an offline career mode in future but no date is currently scheduled for its implementation; nevertheless it remains well worth playing due to its innovative gameplay and stunning graphics.