Konami eFootball Update 2.3.0

konami efootball update

Konami has begun rewarding eFootball players by offering updates that alter gameplay. Their latest update, known as 2.3.0, brings many fixes and modifications designed to enhance gameplay experience.

This was an essential update to a franchise once known as PES and should help build bridges back with fans after its disappointing initial launch.

1. Improved AI

After an initially disappointing launch, eFootball 2023’s update is here to address the issues players were encountering with the game. Passes no longer send balls off into opponent territory by accident and input lag has also been reduced significantly. Although PES may still remain relevant in terms of player engagement and quality games are a long way off becoming PES successors; nonetheless this update takes steps in the right direction.

Passing is now more realistic, and AI will be smarter at picking out players in open space. New commands allow for lifelike one-twos and knocking balls into open spaces, wrong footing opponents with some deft passing. A revised defensive mechanism activated via pressing on A button has also been introduced along with an intense shoulder mechanic rewarding your positioning resulting in more thrilling duels.

Additionally, the v2.6.0 update will allow team managers to reset Progression Points allocated to their Team Playstyle Proficiency level, helping your team regain its footing after losses. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait several weeks until it becomes available for all gamers; Konami has not revealed an exact release date but will keep gamers up-to-date about details for this change. Also keep in mind that it is currently under testing so errors could arise while playing.

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2. Authenticity

Pro Evolution Soccer series has long been known for being one of the most realistic football simulators. eFootball 2023 continues this tradition by providing players with an experience more authentic than most titles on the market. Unfortunately, its launch was less than stellar and many fans were left dissatisfied due to lack of features and clunky gameplay; Konami apologized and promised a major update as soon as possible.

The v2.4.0 update has arrived with some notable enhancements and brings several interesting additions. Most significantly, it adds more authenticity to the game through changes made to the dribbling system, from acrobatic finishes to double touches; and how player Condition Ratings are calculated has also been modified.

This update introduces several legendary players, such as D. Stojkovic, F. Totti and A. Pirlo. Additionally, Liga BBVA MX clubs have been included which allows players to experience playing authentic kits and stadiums for these clubs.

An additional highlight of this update is the debut of a beta test for Co-op mode – an online multiplayer mode with three players that will only be available for a limited period to allow Konami to perform quality tests and refine this mode.

3. Improved Passing Trajectory

KONAMI’s recent update for eFootball dramatically improves upon its initially dismal launch less than six months ago, featuring new gameplay elements, Dream Team mode and licenses to cover both American and Japanese football leagues.

The most obvious change can be seen in passing trajectory improvements, with the system having been enhanced to better accommodate for ball-holder position and body posture. As a result, players will find it easier to break through opposition using swift dribbling displays; on the other hand, making sure you pass it onto the correct teammate is now even more essential.

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Other improvements include a change to the display language for Standard Player Card menu items and additional filter options in Manager Mode screen. A points reset and more substitutes feature allows you to test out various squad combinations.

Attainable activation conditions have been modified for players using the Player Skill “Acrobatic Finishing”. As well as lowering its activation threshold, accurate shots using this skill will now be taken into consideration when deciding if goals scored using it were on target or off. The overall effect will increase goals scored when using it – all part of eFootball 2.5.0 update due out April 13th 2023.

4. Better Air Battles

Konami’s eFootball 2023 has seen significant improvement after its initially disappointing launch, thanks to regular updates. While still working on Master League and Edit Mode as staples of its franchise, numerous smaller changes have already been implemented to make this new free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer better than its predecessor.

Kimura-san has made it clear that improvements are being made from the ground up to deliver the optimal experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X, such as adding a new animation system focusing on 1v1 football as well as several upgrades designed to increase player movement. Furthermore, the company is working towards making air battles less predictable by changing how players move through it.

Other changes include adjustments to heading motions that reflect players’ height and jumping-related stats in air battles more accurately, adjustments made by AI influence on passing trajectory as well as how ball moves through air, fixing an issue which caused players to perform Shoulder Charge when trying to clear a ball; all of this should arrive with an update later this week on all platforms.