Konami Efootball Update

konami efootball update

Konami’s transition of its Pro Evolution Soccer series into eFootball had an inauspicious debut and remains plagued by some issues even after major updates were implemented. Now the publisher has promised that soon another significant update will be released for players’ relief – this bodes well.

This update includes gameplay tweaks designed to make your player more responsive when trying to pass and dribble the ball, and correct an issue where players could sometimes take an overly heavy touch when controlling it.

1. Updated graphics

Konami’s eFootball 2023 has received widespread condemnation on social media due to its unattractive graphics. There have been countless screenshots and videos showing players with wonky smiles or grimaces; and these issues do not just apply to PC versions of the game.

Developers recognized these issues, promising to enhance the graphical quality of eFootball 2023 and improve player models and update facial animations as promised. Their word has been kept, as evidenced by an imminent update which features improved player models and updated facial animations for this edition of eFootball.

As well as improved graphics, the new eFootball 2023 Update will also bring with it several other changes that will enhance gameplay realism and immersion, providing for more diverse play styles as well as easier team builder usage.

Konami has also secured Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs to add into the game, giving it much-needed MLS licenses and helping it compete with other football simulation games like FIFA. This update should be released shortly; Konami has not provided an exact release date but should become available over time.

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2. Changes in gameplay

After an unfortunate launch that left many players frustrated, Konami has begun releasing some minor updates to its eFootball 2023 soccer simulation game. They aim to elevate it beyond its unruly start by making changes that improve gameplay while addressing any bugs which were becoming apparent during gameplay.

Konami has implemented several key changes, most notably improving how it responds to loose balls and interceptions, as well as how players engage in one-on-one duels; now you can perform feints and shoves during these duels! In addition, a new camera zooms into these duels enabling you to observe them more closely.

One notable change to the game is the modification to its first touch mechanics, where developers have modified them so as to be affected by factors like player skill/rating/weight of pass received/speed at which moving etc. They’ve also modified shooting/clearing of ball actions so they’re more responsive while improving acrobatic finishing shots.

Additionally, the team has introduced some exciting new licenses and player types into the game, such as highlight players based on current season play who possess high progression levels while epic players honor past footballers with outstanding accomplishments. These features will give the game an enhanced and dynamic experience.

3. New features

Konami Efootball developers have announced an exciting update, version 2.5.0 of their game will bring many enhancements and additions, such as Skill Training, Legacy Transfer and additional player slots. In addition, Konami have signed a multi-year partnership deal with French National Football Team so their players can be seamlessly integrated into the game.

eFootball now provides players with more control over their team-building experience with its latest updates. Through Skill Training, players can now add up to five additional skills for each player by unlocking random skill points through Skill Training; Legacy Transfer lets them transfer experience and extra skills between players; while overall rating goes beyond 100 and slots can gradually expand using GP.

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KONAMI will also make changes to the game’s various modes, such as adding more selectable teams in the Authentic Team mode and offering in-game events with rewards that make their experience more engaging and immersive. Future updates planned by KONAMI may include additional ways of enjoying it on mobile devices as well as cross-platform compatibility between consoles and PC.

4. Updated roster

Konami has heard its players and promised to address some of the issues plaguing its PES successor when it launched in 2021. A major update for the game will be available in April, addressing much of the criticism it received upon launch; version 1.0.0 will offer new features, balance adjustments, and bug fixes.

The update also introduces the ability for players to purchase additional player slots in eFootball 2023, providing much-needed relief to players with large rosters who struggle with limited slots availability. Players will be able to unlock them using either GP or eFootball Coins.

Other changes include increased shot accuracy on curved shots and changes to the player skill ‘Acrobatic Finishing’; its activation conditions were reviewed to ensure it activates appropriately in situations.

Fans will be able to add legendary players such as Pep Guardiola and Johan Cruyff to their Dream Team in this update, along with new “Epic” cards of Shinji Kagawa, Diego Forlan and Dennis Law obtainable through Manager Packs. Furthermore, fans will see an increase in progression points earned for successfully completing matches after this Spring 2023 update is released.