Konami Efootball Update 2023

KONAMI recently unveiled an update to their efootball game that addresses many of the issues that frustrated players at launch. According to company officials, feedback will be taken seriously and adjustments will be made accordingly.

The update will introduce new ways of playing, such as a 1v1 match lobby and online quick matches, as well as featuring trending players and legendary figures in Creative Teams mode.


Last month, fans of Konami’s mobile football title eFootball finally got the chance to experience some in-game action after six months of waiting! Thanks to its Season 0 update, fans are welcomed back into eFootball with an abundance of legendary players returning from retirement – ready your hands and thumbs swiping! These updates will have you reliving some of history’s greatest players!

One of the most notable changes includes enhancements to dribbling. Prior to this update, players experienced poor touches and lack of responsiveness when dribbling – issues which have since been rectified with this latest patch, along with tweaks to shooting and acrobatic finishing techniques.

KONAMI’s decision to offer regular updates to their community is commendable and shows they care deeply about both quality and longevity of the game they have produced compared to EA, who charges gamers annually for updates of FIFA titles.

eFootball will soon return in Autumn with new and improved features that should make an exciting change for veteran players. One such addition is its new game speed setting – sure to take it from sluggishness to adrenaline! Additionally, new player likenesses and facial animations will increase realism of gameplay and add to its realism.


Konami’s latest eFootball update places emphasis on visual authenticity and brings virtual football closer to real-life experience, including expanded team customisation options and using Unreal Engine so that its appearance stays consistent across platforms, creating an integrated gameplay experience for players.

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Konami will release a major seasonal update with new content and gameplay improvements designed to elevate the overall quality of their game, in an attempt to address any issues which have plagued it since launch. Furthermore, new features designed to strengthen team building and player development will also be implemented by Konami.

One key feature of this season’s eFootball will be the incorporation of real-time match data, which will have an impactful and immediate effect on various aspects of gameplay, such as player condition ratings. Match data collected weekly from matches around the world is then implemented into eFootball to add an even higher degree of realism and make it feel more authentic than ever before.

Additionally, dribbling has been significantly improved and players such as Rafael Leao and Mbappe now demonstrate a nice combination of creativity and explosiveness when taking on defenders. Furthermore, defensive play has been significantly upgraded, no longer “holding your hand” during pressing, nor acting automatically in close spaces.


Konami has released an update to eFootball that will get anyone ready for the upcoming soccer season – be it an avid fan or simply curious. Aptly named “Season 0,” this upgrade marks an innovative step in terms of authenticity and engagement – including real transfers as well as kits reflecting summer transfer windows and unlockable cards while playing online and offline.

Konami recently sent out an email reassuring players of the former PES franchise that an extensive update will soon become available for their game.

The eFootball 2023 Spring Update will bring with it numerous upgrades and features that will further elevate the gameplay experience. Player cards from PES 2021 will carry over, while some new features will become immediately accessible – for instance being able to buy more player slots with GP or eFootball Coins.

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Konami has also introduced Co-op mode, enabling players to join together with fellow eFootball users online and compete against one another online in Co-op mode – this provides an ideal way for testing out its new online gameplay while earning rewards. A beta test of this mode will take place from 8th -22nd June via Friend Match.

Release Date

Konami Efootball 2023 is a free-to-play title that marks a turning point for the series, using Unreal Engine for more complex animations than were possible in previous PES titles and boasting a revamped career mode, online tournaments and plans to introduce esports competitions. Konami hopes that its game can close the gap with EA FIFA and recently released a six-minute teaser trailer showcasing some of its features and changes.

One of the key updates in efootball update 2023 will be player transfers between clubs, affecting offline modes such as Master League and myClub, reflecting transfers made during the transfer window. Massive moves like Jude Bellingham moving from Real Madrid to Barcelona or Ilkay Gundogan signing for Barcelona will all be accurately represented within the database of efootball; additionally many player cards will be updated accordingly.

Konami will also introduce Creative Teams, enabling players to construct their own team from a selection of in-game players. Players will earn game points (GP) by creating contracts to sign these newcomers into their teams; as well as earning premium currency such as eFootball Coins for signing them onto your squads. Trending players with recent good performances as well as legendary figures who have had remarkable careers will all be available.