Konami eFootball Update

Konami responded to launch criticism with promises to improve and update eFootball 2023, offering an initial small patch which addressed some issues while not adding many new modes.

This fall, an update will address some of the game’s more significant flaws. A revamped system will enable players to use feints and shoves more effectively during one-on-one duels; additionally, a new camera will zoom closer for a better perspective of battles between fighters.

eFootball 2023

Konami recently unveiled an update for eFootball 2023, the free-to-play football game released last year. The v2.6.0 update is available right now across PlayStation 4, Xbox One with Series X|S, PC and mobile and brings new licensed teams and clubs, gameplay improvements, fixes and an entirely new mode.

Team Playstyle Proficiency was eliminated, which caused player abilities to fluctuate depending on which playstyle was being employed, along with any Progression Points necessary to increase it. These changes should have little noticeable impact on a player’s skill level. In addition, Standard Player Cards at max level now change when upgraded to their next rank – something many players who have been tweaking their team throughout the season will surely welcome.

To add variety to the game, eFootball 2023 will welcome three brand-new fully licensed clubs: AC Milan and Inter Milan from Milan are among them, followed by Mexico’s Club America from Mexico City. Each license provides access to club logos, kits, badges and stadiums like San Siro where AC Milan currently reside – giving fans even more reason to watch.

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Creative Teams mode will also debut, enabling players to create their own fantasy football team from over 600 licensed clubs, then compete against other players while reaping rewards and experiencing the thrill of leading it themselves.

eFootball 2023 Autumn update will also introduce some adjustments to its in-game monetization model, with the debut of a Match Pass reward system for players when they complete certain numbers of specific match types – this will replace existing bonus match bonuses given for every completed match in eFootball.

After its initial controversy, eFootball 2023’s team is working diligently to add features and functionality. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, its gameplay still proves divisive; players off-ball appear quick and agile while when on it they move more like Harry Maguire than Kylian Mbappe – something which will continue to divide football fans.

eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022, the free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer series, will launch on September 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Series X|S, PC and iOS platforms. Featuring offline matches against AI or other players in your console family as well as online events featuring nine authentic teams and six stadiums; future updates could add features like advanced ball trapping and special kicks by KONAMI.

Konami has taken an ambitious step with their longstanding rival EA Sports’ FIFA franchise eFootball series, but based on our gameplay at a 90-minute hands-on preview event it appears they may have succeeded. Their new UI is more intuitive and the new body feints and charging command for defenders when blocking shots are both welcomed additions compared with end-to-end goalfests in FIFA matches. You’ll even have access to more realistic controls with right trigger use to give any pass or shot more power, giving more realistic feel over its end-to-end goalfest counterpart.

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Significantly different is the ability to sign any player you desire straightaway without expending in-game currency on scouts and auctions – something previously available only on mobile versions of PES Mobile 17 but now significantly expanded for this release on all platforms simultaneously.

Regarding the in-game economy, microtransactions have been kept relatively small; you can purchase packs of in-game currency that contain players or rewards; alternatively you can earn cash through participation in various in-game events – like our new tournament that will see 100 of you compete for a $100k prize pool!

eFootball will launch with limited functionality but will receive regular updates that enhance its experience, such as adding mobile controller support and selecting which team you wish to play for when entering an online match. PS5 players will enjoy enhanced immersion through haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support; full cross-platform matchmaking may be added later – more details on this matter can be found at KONAMI’s official website. KONAMI plans on releasing its initial major update of eFootball this autumn; more details can be found there as well.