Konami Efootball Update

konami efootball update

Konami has just unveiled their update to Efootball, featuring various changes. This update includes Co-op mode as well as friendlies now counting toward your season pass goals.

This update also gives you the option of revoking progression points that were inappropriately allotted, at a cost of some GP.

1. Add Shirt Names

The latest update to efootball has brought many improvements: Contract signing has been expanded and can now last up to one year, graphics have become smoother and more detailed, gameplay more entertaining and engaging, skills moves have been introduced, player cards now display statistics such as goals scored, assists received, tackles made and clean sheets kept.

But there are a few changes that could enhance the experience further and increase hype surrounding this game. One such element would be to display shirt names. It would make an enormous difference to see players wearing their full names on their jerseys during cutscenes after scoring goals; adding this element will only enhance player experiences and create greater hype surrounding KONAMI games.

When eFootball was initially released it seemed revolutionary; a game to challenge FIFA and take sports gaming in new directions. Instead it turned out more like a patch with new “seasons” every so often and occasional gameplay updates.

2. Add a Statistics Menu

Konami has taken feedback from efootball players seriously and promised that a major update will be released to address many of their criticisms, such as gameplay balance adjustments or features not present upon launch.

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One of the key new features that will be available in this update is the ability to change how players are positioned on the pitch, giving more room for attacking play. Furthermore, substitutes will now be increased from seven to twelve; players will also have access to Epic and Highlight players that should add flair to team-building activities.

The developer has also made numerous gameplay adjustments, such as improvements to AI. Passing trajectory has been modified so it plays more realistically; lighting flickering in some grounds roofs was addressed; player height and jumping-related stats have been adjusted; lighting flickering fixed; player height adjusted as well. Finally, UEFA Champions League and Europa League tournaments as well as Liga BBVA MX were added into the game through exclusive deals.

3. Add a Player Contract Renewal Ticket

After months of waiting, KONAMI finally released the first major update to their free-to-play football game eFootball 2023. They made several enhancements and addressed numerous bugs which had become noticeable to players while adding several features that will further enrich this great title.

One of the biggest additions is the option to buy additional player slots. This feature will prove immensely helpful for those with large rosters who have previously struggled with limited slot availability; though GP will likely be required for unlocking these additional player slots remains unknown.

Another great addition to the game is the option to renew player contracts, giving more flexibility in building your team and simulating how real-life clubs conduct business. Your best players may leave once their contracts expire if their contracts don’t get extended – to retain them, renew them in order for them to continue participating in matches.

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KONAMI also recently collaborated with Arsenal FC to add several unique Arsenal-related items into the game, such as player and manager likenesses as well as replicas of Emirates Stadium itself. Arsenal players were scanned so as to provide as accurate a representation as possible within KONAMI Football 2019. This partnership marks a welcome change since prior versions didn’t contain many teams from Premier League competition.

4. Add a Reaction Time

Konami recently unveiled an update for eFootball that will increase game stability while adding new features, known as Version 2.5.0. Although no exact date for its arrival was given in their Twitter post for eFootball 2.5.0 update was mentioned; Konami did confirm it will arrive sometime between now and April 2023.

This update introduces Co-op play, allowing players to compete against friends in Dream Team matches for the first time since its launch. Furthermore, friend matches in both Champions League and Europa League will now count towards Season Pass completion.

Other modifications include the ability to reset Progression Points using GP, as well as more gameplay balance adjustments – for instance, players using an “Anchor Man” Playing Style will no longer chase after opposing ball holders as far forward in defensive situations.

Konami’s eFootball launch was far from successful, yet improvements that have been made suggest that they’re trying to rebuild their reputation with fans of the game. While it won’t be an easy road ahead, eFootball appears to be on track. We will monitor eFootball for any updates which might make it a more viable alternative to FIFA; Gamescom may hold more news.