Konami Football Game Download For PC

konami football game download for pc

Konami has given Pro Evolution Soccer an extensive update, and the results are spectacular. Not only is the game looking sleeker than ever but gameplay has never felt more fluid or smooth than before.

The biggest change has been an emphasis on team dynamics rather than individual player brilliance, as a source of decisive advantage.


KONAMI’s Pro Evolution Soccer series now rivals EA Sports’ FIFA series thanks to a brand-new engine, more players and leagues, improved gameplay and pinpoint control over player movement; more precise camera shots offer strategic viewpoints; while new animations make players look more realistic than ever.

This game boasts several popular modes, such as Master League where you can manage and lead your team to victory, as well as multiplayer mode where teams compete against one another and enjoy smoother and more realistic gameplay thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

eFootball 2022 offers more than just its classic Master League mode – among them is the ability to play matches across platforms with other players! Football enthusiasts will appreciate this exciting new mode, although cross-platform support requires high speed internet. Luckily KONAMI has made this feature free-to-use so there is no need for additional purchases just to enjoy it!


Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series of football video games was once considered EA Sports’ FIFA series in terms of licensing and marketing success, but never managed to catch up to EA’s. Still, PES series became immensely popular across multiple platforms; moreover Konami recently rebranded this fan-favorite to eFootball by changing its formula significantly.

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Fans reacted differently to the rebranding of Pro Evolution Soccer franchise (PES) with mixed responses; some applauding its new direction while others thought that changing its formula was unnecessary and disappointing. Furthermore, many were dismayed that Pro Evolution had decided to drop this name.

The graphics used in eFootball game may not be top of the line, but they still look decent. Although not as realistic as PES series used to be, they’re more polished than arcade-style FIFA titles; particularly impressive is its dribbling system which plays a significant role in gameplay.

The game also features a revamped dream team mode intended to replicate EA Sports Ultimate Team, but has unfortunately been plagued with limited events and poor rewards resulting in poor reviews and being listed in Steam250’s Hall of Shame as one of its worst titles on sale.


Konami’s new football game eFootball will aim to compete with EA Sports FIFA series by securing various top licenses. Players will be able to experience major competitions such as UEFA Euro 2020, Italian Serie A/B and French Ligue 1, among others. Plus it stars Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar and Barcelona great Lionel Messi.

The new PES game will allow fans to take control of any one of over 60 leagues and cups available, as well as playing as their desired club from among these leagues and cups. Furthermore, it features an improved gameplay system which makes the experience more realistic than before and features licensed stadiums in abundance.

Konami faces an uphill climb if it hopes to compete with EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, and is offering free-to-play titles that will launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and PC-Windows platforms. Konami is working tirelessly on making their game as realistic as possible and make every attempt at making players believe they are actually in FIFA 16.

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Developers recently signed an agreement with the French Football Federation to secure various rights for their video game, such as commercial, imagery and activation rights. This move marks a major victory for video game producer who have been struggling to maintain a positive public image over recent years.


Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series has long been seen as an alternative to EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. Although Konami has struggled against other triple-A developers, their latest installment could keep Konami relevant within football video gaming.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 features authentic clubs and an impressive roster of soccer superstars spanning current stars to all-time greats. In addition, players can experience original football content both offline and online multiplayer match modes; Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 can be found for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC-Windows platforms.

Football simulation fans will appreciate this game, including an in-depth career mode which lets you oversee every aspect of a football club – from talent scouting and recruitment, organizing individual training programs and salary negotiations, to cheering from the sidelines like an experienced manager. Furthermore, its turn-based match mechanics and use of shout cards add another dimension to its FM-inspired match engine.

eFootball offers extensive online multiplayer play across consoles and mobile devices, with Master League giving you complete control to customize your team as you please. However, to ensure smooth game performance a fast internet connection is required.