KONAMI ID and eFootball 2022

konami id efootball 2022

Konami has transformed their PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) series into a free-to-play live service game called efootball 2022, including adding new Friend Match mode. Since its release, Konami has made significant modifications to efootball 2022.

eFootball Points can be used to complete various in-game Objectives that offer rewards, such as additional assets/players. To see how many eFootball points remain in your account, visit My KONAMI.

What is a KONAMI ID?

A KONAMI ID allows users to easily manage and transfer game save data across platforms. In addition, this account gives access to tournament information, online game profiles and more. In order to get one, users must first obtain and register their physical Card Game ID card on the KONAMI website – once this has happened both profiles will become connected and the user can transfer their data across devices seamlessly.

KONAMI ID registration begins with a page asking users for their name, gender, date of birth and address information. After entering this data, a subsequent page prompts users to select an 8-character password containing numbers (0-9) as well as alphabet letters (a-z). Hackers often find symbols easy to guess during registration processes so it is wiser not to include these in your password selection.

Once a password is chosen, the last step in protecting one’s account from hacking attempts is selecting and answering a secret question correctly in order to gain entry to it. To protect against these attempts and gain entry, this secret question must be answered correctly or it cannot gain entry.

Whoever wishes to use the KONAMI ID service must first agree to its Terms and Conditions of Use, which sets forth which information the company can or cannot access from accounts, along with outlining their Privacy Policies. Should anyone violate these rules, their account could be permanently banned by KONAMI ID.

Players can connect their KONAMI IDs with Master Duel accounts easily by starting a game on the platform where they want to transfer data, selecting “Data Transfer,” and scanning or entering their QR codes or entering their KONAMI ID and password in a screen that opens. After doing this, their KONAMI ID will be linked with their Master Duel account and they can transfer their data between devices as desired.

How to get a KONAMI ID?

KONAMI ID serves three important purposes in game: backing up game data, moving eFootball 2022 progress across platforms, and receiving rewards from certain out-of-game campaigns. Linking your eFootball account with Konami ID for these reasons is wise so if there is a major update and you need to reset Master Duel account without losing cards or ranks in case there’s an overhaul of either game.

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If you don’t already have a KONAMI ID, creating one for free is easy by visiting their website and following their instructions on that page. Simply provide your email address, some personal data and a valid password – and once registered your ID can be used across all their games and services!

PES Mobile’s virtual currency, eFootball Points, are used to purchase myClub mode items and can be earned in various ways including participation in various events or campaigns. Once accumulated, these points can be exchanged for extra players or accessories in the myClub store.

Additionally, eFootball Points can also be redeemed in-game bonuses and rewards through limited time offers that last only 30 days – think special in-game player items and contract renewals!

Note that you cannot link multiple game accounts with a KONAMI ID at one time, to prevent people from abusing cheat codes and hacks in-game, which violate the terms of service and could lead to potential banishment from the game.

Link your KONAMI ID with your Card Game ID to gain access to various services. To do this, first login to your eFootball 2022 account and click on ‘Data Linking’ from within the Store section. When successfully linking, check its status by either selecting “Link KONAMI ID” in-game or by going to “Account Information” on KONAMI website.

How to link a KONAMI ID to a game account?

Konami IDs allow players to log onto all of Konami’s online gaming platforms and manage account information and passwords securely, redeem eFootball Points and redeem rewards. Players should take steps to prevent their KONAMI ID and password being stolen or leaked by keeping both safe.

To link their game accounts with a KONAMI ID, players need to visit the KONAMI ID portal website and use its features such as editing personal details or issuing new passwords. They will also have to accept the terms of service before moving forward.

Once users have completed the online registration process, they can login to their gaming account and start using eFootball Points to maximize their gaming experience! eFootball Points offer users a fantastic opportunity to maximize their gameplay!

The new feature in eFootball 2023 called Friend Match Mode allows players to compete against friends in friendly matches. A special room called the “Friend Match Room” enables this function, providing a platform whereby friends can create lobby and invite each other to play 1-on-1 head-to-head matchups against them in head-to-head encounters. Once a Friend Match Room has been created, friends may then access it by entering its Room ID that has been shared.

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For players to take part in the Friend Match mode, they will require a KONAMI ID linked to their gaming account. If they don’t already have one, they can easily create one free of charge by visiting the KONAMI ID portal website and linking their new ID with their eFootball 2023 account.

KONAMI ID’s website was designed to assist players in understanding how its system works, with players advised only using their KONAMI ID for online gaming and not sharing it with anyone. Furthermore, should someone violate these rules their account may become locked; should this happen a reissued password will need to be issued which shouldn’t take long at all to complete.

How to redeem eFootball Points

eFootball Points are virtual currency used within myClub mode that can be spent to purchase in-game items and unlock exclusive content and rewards. Players can earn them in various ways such as playing core titles or tuning in for eSports events; furthermore, these points can also be transferred across platforms.

MyClub Points provide an ideal way to access some of myClub’s more expensive items, like rare club kits or Skill/Position Trainers, without breaking the bank. Furthermore, they can even be used to unlock new features introduced in 2022 such as Level Training Programs and Progression Points!

To redeem their eFootball Points, players must first log into their myClub account. Next, they can click on the eFootball Points icon at the bottom of the screen to view their available balance and select an amount to redeem before following on-screen instructions to complete this process.

After redeeming their eFootball Points, they will appear in a player’s Inbox and will expire within six months – they can keep tabs on this date by logging into their Inbox and viewing their balance of eFootball Points.

Players can earn eFootball Coins simply by signing in daily to their myClub account – every day they sign in, they’ll get 10 eFootball Coins as a reward! It’s a great way to score some free in-game items!

Players can not only earn eFootball Coins by participating in in-game events and campaigns, but can also earn eFootball Points that can be redeemed for various in-game items, such as Legendary Agents and MyClub Coins.

KONAMI ID is an online service that enables gamers to link their game accounts across platforms and devices securely, easily, and safely – offering mobile gamers peace of mind during upgrades or OS changes by keeping all gaming data intact. To use KONAMI ID, gamers should go into [Settings] > [Online Settings], link their game account using their unique KONAMI ID number, then link their game account using that ID number.