KONAMI Introduces eFootball Points For PES 2021 Mobile

KONAMI recently unveiled its eFootball Points program as an in-game currency system in Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 mobile. However, player response was mixed.

All eFootball Points have an expiration date that’s six months from when they arrive in your Inbox, here’s how to check.

Linking your Konami ID

Once you’ve linked your game account with Konami ID and begun collecting eFootball points, there is no going back! Your KONAMI ID can only be linked with one game account on each platform; therefore it should be linked with the one that you log into most frequently. Thankfully if ever switching platforms happens your points will transfer over.

Your eFootball points can be earned through various activities, including playing core titles and competing in eSports competitions. Once earned, they can be used to purchase in-game items via myClub mode across platforms – though these eFootball points cannot be spent there without linking your game account with Konami account first.

eFootball points are virtual currency that can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses, unlock extras in myClub mode of PES games on PC, console and mobile as well as add legendary players or “featured” cards to your team.

To connect your eFootball account to your Konami ID, first log into the official site. Next, visit the “Konami ID” menu and click on “Link”, you’ll then be asked for your Konami ID password before being asked to agree to the Terms of Use for eFootball Points.

Redeeming your Points

PES 2021 continues to employ Konami’s currency of choice: the eFootball points. These special rewards can be earned throughout the season (such as participation in eSports events), including special player items or contract renewals if linked with Konami ID accounts to game profiles. To access them, players need only link their Konami ID accounts with game profiles.

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To redeem, navigate to the store listing in-game and open up the eFootball Point window. Here, you can browse prizes available and click to redeem them – once this process has completed, your points will be added directly into your balance history in-game! Keep in mind that only one game account can be connected to one KONAMI ID account at one time; so choose wisely!

All eFootball points will expire six months after you claim them from your inbox and at 23:59:59 UTC on the last day of that month; additionally, KONAMI has announced that players can no longer unlink game accounts from an eFootball point program once linked to it.

Progression Points have also been introduced by the company, giving players access to additional Team Playstyle traits for their squads. Each matchday from 7th December onwards, one Progression Point will be awarded per team as they play matches in Round 1 eFootball events as a reward.

Checking your Points

Konami’s latest soccer game eFootball 2022 continues the longstanding practice of using an in-game currency known as eFootball Points as part of its currency. These special points can be earned during each bonus event such as eSports tournaments and provide players with exclusive items or contract renewal opportunities. To collect them, players must link their Konami ID account to their game profiles – although this process should be relatively painless! To ensure a smooth experience.

At first, players should ensure that the Konami ID account they’re using to redeem eFootball Points is connected to the game account they play most frequently. They can do this by visiting the store tab in eFootball and selecting “eFootball Points”. Once agreed to, this data link will become official and data linking completed.

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Players should keep in mind that their eFootball Points have an expiration date; all points will expire at 23:59:59 on the last day of every month six months after having been claimed from their Inbox. A single game account cannot be linked with more than one eFootball ID at any one time; you can find your expiration dates via my KONAMI website or checking data link status in-game with [KONAMI ID Link].

Expiration Dates

Konami’s long-running soccer game now comes with some intriguing new changes! In addition to new player items and contract renewal tickets, this update also introduces a special in-game currency called eFootball Points that are limited time bonuses that can be redeemed against numerous in-game rewards.

GP (Gameplay Points) are the primary currency used within the game and can be earned by winning events and fulfilling objectives. Once earned, these GP can be spent on various in-game rewards including standard players or additional training programs; they also expire six months after they were first claimed from Inbox.

Players can quickly check their eFootball points status by visiting My Konami, which displays how much is left and a player’s usage history. Please keep in mind that only one eKonami ID can be associated with each game account; so when making your selection it is wise to choose one you use most frequently.

Konami plans to address some issues that have been bothersome to its fans and introduce additional features that will keep the game exciting for users. One such feature allows them to reset their progression points for a nominal fee; this may allow players to trade rewards that don’t suit them easily and add some strategy when spending progress points.