Konami Login Bonuses and Campaigns For eFootball 3

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Konami has launched the celebrations for their 28th Anniversary of developing football video games, offering various giveaways and campaigns within their game.

The Festive Season Campaign offers login bonuses and rewards from special tour events and challenge events, while players can also collect eFootball Points at Matchday events.

eFootball Points

With Datapack 3.0, KONAMI introduced eFootball Points as an in-game currency system. Players can use these points to purchase players and items within the game; however, many remain confused as to how this system works; this article will give an overview of eFootball Points usage within Datapack 3.0.

To start redeeming eFootball Points, first link your game account with your KONAMI ID from within the game eFootball Point menu. When requested to agree to the Terms of Use for eFootball Point Program Terms of Use and after doing so redeem them eFootball Points; they do not transfer between accounts and expire within six months from when first claimed.

As well as earning eFootball Points, players can also reap additional rewards by participating in different promotions and challenges within the game. For example, by logging in during PES 2021 Mobile’s Festive Season Campaign period you could receive up to 200 eFootball Coins and 400,000 Game Points; or participating in the eFootball Championship Pro 2023 Online Finals challenge to win Special Agents and Team Builder Boosts during its Challenge Period from 11:00 on January 30th until 10:59 on February 13th respectively. Both campaigns run from 11:00 on January 30th till 10:59 on February 13th

eFootball Championship

KONAMI has announced their Festive Season Campaign for eFootball Championship on mobile, featuring login bonuses and special events. Between 15 December and 12 January, login every day between 15 December and 12 January to earn login bonuses and special events, such as winning up to 200 eFootball Coins or 400,000 Game Points per login day between 15 December and 12 January; additionally if you log in on New Year’s Day you could also receive an extra special login gift!

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To use eFootball points to purchase players and items in-game, first link your eFootball Points account to your game accounts by selecting the eFootball Points tab in your in-game menu. Once linked, you can begin earning points by completing challenges within games.

Earn more eFootball points by participating in the eFootball Championship Open, an online tournament featuring amateur eFootball players vying to become professional footballers – Brazil’s Futefacil10 won last year on PlayStation.

The 2023 edition of KONAMI’s eFootball Championship Pro event will bring together some of their key club partners such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Arsenal FC and AS Roma – and should attract huge audiences in Barcelona, Spain. Both offline matches as well as an online final tournament will take place online this year, with live streaming of this final tournament available through YouTube.

eFootball League

The eFootball League is an online, division-based league mode that lets users use their Dream Team to compete against players from around the globe. This event presents various challenges and rewards, which can be earned by moving up through divisions. Each phase lasts 28 days; their player ranking at its conclusion determines their reward.

Konami has received substantial feedback about eFootball, and as such has plans for updates including adding more licensed teams, Lobby Match mode, cross-platform play for consoles and PC and Master League, which was popular in Pro Evolution Soccer games being made available as paid content.

Before redeeming eFootball Points, first make sure that your KONAMI ID is linked with your game account by going to My KONAMI and selecting [KONAMI ID] > [Account Information]. Once this step is completed, simply launch any eFootball game to link your KONAMI ID and connect it.

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Two ways to earn eFootball Points are competing in eSports matches and playing core titles. Once your KONAMI ID is linked with one game, your points can be redeemed for in-game rewards and bonuses across platforms.

eFootball Challenge

The eFootball Challenge provides players with an innovative opportunity to earn rewards. Logging in seven times during the campaign period could earn players up to 440,000 GP, 200 eFootball Coins and 4 Chance Deals that can be used towards signing players from Special Player Lists such as Show Time players.

As football season commences, Konami has introduced various events and competitions designed to help players build their Dream Team. One such competition is the eFootball Championship Open Round 1 challenge event – offering the chance to earn big prizes! Not all participants may participate so it is recommended to check terms and conditions prior to registering.

As well, the eFootball Champions League challenge event will also run for several weeks and offer players an opportunity to test their skills against some of the world’s best teams. To take part, players must register using their KONAMI ID before agreeing to the eFootball Points Terms of Use by clicking “Accept.” Once linked successfully in-game, their data link process should complete when an in-game message states “Linked Successfully”; should any problems arise they can access My KONAMI website where their account details can be reviewed allowing easier management of points usage history and usage history tracking.