Konami Login – eFootball 2022 Updates

Konami’s eFootball 2022 has seen mixed reception since it launched this year. Though Konami postponed some key features, they continue to offer players rewards.

Earn eFootball Points by engaging with core titles and watching eSports competitions, then redeem them for various in-game items and bonuses across platforms.

eFootball 2022

After its poor debut in September, eFootball 2022 is finally receiving the features and functionality it requires for success. Formerly known as PES 2022, Konami’s free-to-play successor series will now include a career mode – although this premium DLC may come later than planned, hopefully filling some of its missing pieces since its initial launch.

The initial update, released September 30 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One platforms, features cross-generational matchmaking as well as real world team support – including FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus and Arsenal. In addition, a “Season” event allows players to compete against one another based on current footballing topics.

Even with these added features, eFootball 2022 still struggles to find its footing. Gameplay remains its chief weakness; passes feel slow to enter, shots miss their intended targets, and tackles are inaccurate and inaccurately executed.

Whoever wishes to redeem their eFootball Points must first link their KONAMI ID with the game account where they wish to use them; points will then automatically apply in that game. Once every month, your earned points will expire unless reclaimed before this deadline passes.

eFootball 2023

Konami’s latest in their football series eFootball 2023 is an evolving successor to their well-loved PES series, offering mobile users an authentic football gaming experience. However, many users have reported bugs, glitches and more with regards to gameplay as a whole.

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eFootball 2023’s latest update introduces several exciting new features and functionality. Most notably, players can now train their squads directly from the game’s main menu – an addition that provides another layer of depth for player development, enabling progress points to be used to develop specific abilities such as speed or agility.

Players now have the ability to reset their progression points to reallocate them to other players, adding some strategy into the game and preventing accidental allocation of progress points to players they don’t wish.

Konami has also introduced two major Italian clubs — AC Milan and Inter Milan — along with one from Liga BBVA MX into this update, along with two new player types called Highlight and Epic players; these will feature handpicked stars from current season while offering higher progression ceiling than legendary cards.

eFootball 2024

Konami Digital Entertainment’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2024 (eFootball 2024) is the latest installment of their popular Pro Evolution Soccer series. Formerly known as PES 2022, eFootball 2024 underwent its initial rebrand with its release as an update late July and can now be found across a range of platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One Series X/S consoles, Android mobile phones and PC.

eFootball 2024 takes advantage of Unreal Engine 4 gaming engine to deliver stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, along with accurate soccer physics that allow players to customize their teams according to personal tastes and create custom teams suited to individual preferences. It has received high marks for this aspect.

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With the forthcoming update to version 3.0.0, KONAMI will introduce some exciting and novel functionality into its game. Notably, this includes disabling Team Playstyle Mastery progression levels so players may select any play style they desire and maximize team potential by improving performance during matches.

This free-to-play football simulation offers many new game modes and tactical options for players to experience. Furthermore, players can connect with other users online multiplayer tournaments and win real rewards; additionally eFootball coins can be earned every week just by signing in each day!