Konami Releases eFootball Update

konami efootball update

Konami recently released a major update for eFootball, their free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer, called Season 0. This update introduces several new features.

Key changes include an increase in shot-on-target rate and increasing activation conditions for Player Skill Acrobatic Finishing. Furthermore, those able to acquire contract renewal tickets will gain additional experience.


Efootball offers an exciting gameplay and realistic graphics, boasting some incredible players and an exceptional match engine to make the experience truly lifelike. Plus, it is free-to-play! KONAMI regularly releases updates designed to make gameplay more engaging and immersive – creating a better overall experience and improving play.

Konami is taking steps to increase realism of their game by including real-life transfers and unveiling new kits for major clubs. These changes represent an enormous advance for this franchise as they create a more authentic, engaging football experience while at the same time addressing stadium deficiencies with some of the world’s premier venues being added as game assets.

One of the key changes in this update is that first touches now depend on player skill/ratings, weight of pass received, and speed at which you’re moving – a welcome departure from randomness in previous versions of the game. Furthermore, shooting has been enhanced, including adjustments for accuracy and speed of acrobatic finishes in appropriate scenarios.

The v2.6.0 update includes a beta test of a Co-op mode that will run until 22nd June and feature new rewards in its campaign mode.


Season 0 of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer franchise marks a major upgrade that features more realistic player animations and fully licensed team kits, in addition to numerous improvements and fixes. This major update underscores Konami’s dedication to providing fans with an authentic football experience that mirrors real life.

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Konami’s new efootball game is a free-to-play soccer video game inspired by real life football. Instead of being released annually like EA Sports’ FIFA series, this platform will continue evolving over time with updates for players, teams, and more – Konami has pledged that improvements and patches will continue being released regularly for it.

The graphics have been significantly upgraded and are significantly better than before; however, certain players, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may experience visual issues. Motion Matching, an animation system exclusive to this efootball game, uses advanced biomechanics to identify player movements accurately and selects an animation accordingly. This new animation system represents an immense improvement over its predecessor, which featured only limited animations. Furthermore, Season 0 update includes more realistic player movement and improved ball handling as well as stunning passes and shots which can be executed by pressing R2/RT to add greater dynamism to attacking play.

Offline mode

Konami has revealed its plan for monetising eFootball, their successor to Pro Evolution Soccer series. Offline modes like Master League will be made available as DLC content packs for purchase within the game and Konami is working hard on optimizing their new engine so it takes advantage of every platform it runs on, giving next-gen consoles better graphics than current devices and mobile phones.

Konami is unveiling an all-new season for eFootball, including kits from iconic clubs like Manchester United and Bayern Munich. This will add more realism and authenticity while helping fans connect with their favorite teams more deeply.

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Additionally, the new season will bring with it improvements to gameplay. For instance, managers will have new ways of obtaining contract renewal tickets – an essential factor in retaining top players – making the game even more engaging than before.

This update allows players to customize the game with their own colors and logos, as well as offering additional game modes such as co-op for up to four players and camera control while playing, giving more freedom while decreasing data consumption; making eFootball accessible even in areas with poor internet connections.


KONAMI recently unveiled an update for eFootball 2023, their mobile football game that launched in 2022. Dubbed Season 0, this update serves to reintroduce virtual football gaming in an innovative manner.

Konami have released a trailer introducing some of the game’s new features, such as player portraits and kits for every team in Premier League 2. Furthermore, Konami have highlighted Manchester United summer signings Andre Onana and Mason Mount; as well as numerous stadiums.

One of the key changes in eFootball 2023 game is an improvement to its dribbling mechanics. Previous versions of eFootball had unresponsive and cumbersome dribbling controls; with this update they have been fine-tuned, making dribbling easier around tight spaces and improving accuracy of “Acrobatic Finishing,” with activation conditions reviewed and updated accordingly.

KONAMI will announce all updates in an upcoming blog post; to access it now on both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms simply download eFootball from either store for free – some features such as Master League and Edit Mode may require payment to unlock them!