Last 24 hours to register in advance and collect gifts from Tan OMG3Q VNG

Last 24 hours to register in advance and collect gifts from Tan OMG3Q VNG

The new OMG3Q VNG will be officially released for Vietnamese players at 10 am on April 27. Until April 25, players still have the opportunity to pre-register and immediately own high-value gifts, such as: iPhone 12 Pro Max 256 GB, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256 GB, Apple Watch series 6, Razer headphones, Tan OMG3Q jacket VNG or Movie. ticket voucher.

As the most anticipated next-gen Three Kingdoms fighting game in recent times, Tan OMG3Q VNG, although not yet released, has already asserted its position in the market. The heat of the Tan OMG3Q VNG can be seen more clearly through the number of pre-registrations surpassing the 70,000 mark. This also means that all players will receive a special gift code. lbo95 includes 299,999 Silver, 03 High EXP Books, 02 Famous Generals.

The gaming community awaiting the new OMG3Q VNG is also more excited than ever. On the game’s official fan page, players are constantly reacting to the latest information about the Danh Tuong system and game features, and comments also appear “looking forward to” the game’s release date. In the official community group, a series of articles sharing experiences were posted and discussions continued on how to develop champions, tactics or squads. News about recruiting members and looking for guilds to join long-term also received a lot of responses.

New OMG3Q VNG is a new generation Three Kingdoms fighting game, which completely inherits the essence of its predecessors, while bringing many clear improvements in both graphics and gameplay. The new OMG3Q VNG is not only more “mature” in skin creation, but also more innovative in the use of champions. A 3×3 squad with 6 generals going into battle opens up more unique battle possibilities. A system of nearly 100 famous generals with unique roles and abilities to help players unleash their creativity on the battlefield. The General position is extremely flexible, it can change roles by “changing clothes”, which also makes players more proactive in tactics. More specifically, Tan OMG3Q VNG allows players to change generals for free with no country limit and at the same time activate generals without having to go into battle. Everything will bring an extremely unique “next generation” world of the Three Kingdoms.

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