Layla Ice Elemental in the latest Genshin Impact trailer

Nguyên tố Băng Layla

Sau Nahida, elemental ice layla will be the next character HoYoverse released an introductory video with the same charm as Thao Than!

Layla Ice Elemental: Far Star Orbit

Although genshin impact Released in September with little information, recently “Winter Girl” Layla continues to amaze fans with Layla’s ability to be an ice element that can provide shields to teammates and damage opponents even when not in combat.

ice elemental laylaice elemental layla

Radiant Sword – Layla Attack

Layla has the ability to develop a shield that absorbs damage from allies, using Frosty Star to attack opponents. Furthermore, this ice-type girl also possesses the Dream Orb, which is also an intrinsic item that Layla uses to fight enemies.

Next to Goddess of herbs NahidaIce Elemental Layla is the newest character added to Genshin Impact, the first new Ice-type character after the “platinum goddess” Shenhe.

The magic night star Layla

Through a trailer lasting more than a minute, elemental ice layla he appeared in the image of an elite student majoring in astrology at the Rtawahist Academy, under the direction of the Sumeru school. The main object of study of astrology in Rtawahist is the starry sky that covers all things.

ice elemental laylaice elemental layla

Meteorology or sleepwalking student

Because she is into astrology, Layla often has a hobby of observing the night sky, studying, and drawing star maps for her subject. However, she often complains about her research topic and is very sleepwalking.

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The catchphrase: “My legs are so tired, haiz… maybe I sleepwalked again yesterday.”

Layla is always bored with drawing astrology every day, from calculating to using a ruler to find information. However, when she completed the ethereal drawing, the ice elemental couldn’t hide her happiness and satisfaction with her results!

ice elemental laylaice elemental layla

Layla has a bright appearance and five relatively harmonious senses. In addition, Layla’s worried and mysterious eyes are also a bright spot for Ice players.

According to the Genshin Impact trailer description, ice element layla He is a gentle character who is friendly to everyone. Although Layla’s time in the academy hasn’t been long, she already has a lot of weird nicknames from everyone: “Sleeping Monster”, “Mobile Computer”…

The reason for Layla’s strange nicknames is that she is often a sleepwalker, always in a state of insomnia due to a headache from staying up late with an astronomy essay.

“Even if we don’t look up, the starry sky will always look at us”

ice elemental laylaice elemental layla

This is a personality trait that makes elemental ice layla he received a lot of love since his debut, not to mention that his fighting ability is not perfect. genshin impact Announced.


But instead of releasing a trailer that delves into the combat ability, the defense ability of elemental ice laylaIn this video, Genshin focuses on exploiting the plot of life and the character of the character.

Since this is just a character demo, if you’re passionate about gacha shots and don’t understand Layla’s damage output yet, I think you should go through a refresher course after watching the introductory video! remember to follow Blog Game Player hi guys!

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