LCK Spring 2023 Official Schedule

LCK Mùa Xuân 2023

LCK Spring 2023 will officially kick off on January 18, 2023 with a classic matchup between the current top 4 teams in the LCK, namely DK, DRX, GEN, and T1.

No longer a rumor, this year’s LCK Spring decided to have a “big battle” to fight during the Tet season. The official match schedule has been announced, showing that all matches will take place until the end of the week. Even the matches of the first week of the LCK Spring 2023 group stage will take place on January 21 and 22 (for the first day of the Lunar New Year).

Subsequently, the matches will continue to be played according to the schedule set in week 2 of the group stage (scheduled for January 25). See details on the official LCK Facebook page.

LCK Spring Split Schedule in January 2023LCK Spring Split Schedule in January 2023
LCK Spring Split Schedule in January 2023February 2023 LCK Spring Split Schedule
March 2023 LCK Spring Split ScheduleMarch 2023 LCK Spring Split Schedule

With the busy schedule of matches taking place during the Lunar New Year, it seems that our Korean players will be quite tired when they are forced to reduce the number of days off.

Previously, the organizers confirmed that the LCK Spring 2023 play-off will begin with the participation of the 6 best-performing teams in the group stage. In particular, in this year’s LCK Spring play-off, the organizers will apply the winning branch – losing branch.

Starting in 2023, LCK tournaments will change the competition format by combining the two lineups of LCK and LCK CL (2nd place) of the competing teams. Consequently, each team will have a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 20 players.

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LCK Spring 2023 Match Broadcast Schedule:

Start: Wednesday, January 18: 15:00 (VN) DK vs DRX – 17:30 (VN) GEN vs T1

LCK Spring Split TimeLCK Spring Split Time

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