LCK Spring Split 2023: Update Match Results [Round 2-Week 5]

LCK Spring Split 2023: Update Match Results [Round 2-Week 5]

After 5 weeks of intense competition, we have officially arrived at the results of the LCK Spring Split 2023. [Round 2 – Week 5]

T1 fans can breathe a sigh of relief as they are still the toughest team to beat for the top spot in the 2023 LCK season. However, for the teams at the bottom of the standings, this seems to be a tough situation for them. . break through in the second leg.

LCK Ranking Week 5 In the first leg with many fluctuations, the dominance of T1 and GEN is indisputable. However, before advances from an inexperienced team, LSB, they put in an impressive performance to take fourth place in the Week 5 table.

Classification LCK Tournament 5 Day 2(Credit: LCK)

T1 takes the top spot with an impressive winning streak: 9-1. And last weekend 5, they opened Round 2 against GEN with a score of 2-1, preserving the winning streak with an admirable first position. Also in the last match of “Super Sunday” between T1 – GEN, Faker officially brought Annie to play in the mid lane 74 of the LCK.

With your selection of Annie, @faker is playing his 74th single champion in the #LCK! 👏

-LCK (@LCK) February 19, 2023

LSB (Liiv SandBox) is making great strides, proving that it is not inferior to any of the top teams, although at the beginning of the season, LSB is considered a mid-range team that is difficult to compete for in the play-offs.

The excellent performances are undeniable! They are truly the warriors with the most daring and calm fighting style. What is certain is that going into the second leg of the LCK Spring Split 2023, LSB will really draw a spectacular performance for the spectators.

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Most recently, LSB defeated a powerful team, DK, with an overwhelming score: 2-0, officially closing week 5 of LCK Spring 2023. Player Clozer: LSB’s mid laner in the phase fights Baron with a spectacular double kill :

PRO VIEW: Double Clozer Mass Kill + “Carry!” #LCK

-LCK (@LCK) February 19, 2023

GEN and KT Rolster are two teams that are in great shape in the LCK standings as they respectively won with a “winning streak” of up to 5. A pretty positive result for the next run of the two best warriors.

KT Rolster made an impressive comeback with goals from 2-1 against Dplus KIA and 2-0 against NS, increasing the team’s winning streak to 5.

Like LSB, KT Rolster has been considered a mid-range team since the beginning of the season. However, with wins over GEN and Dplus KIA, two of the best teams in the LCK, KT Rolster is definitely a tough opponent for the top teams.

KT picks up his first Round 2 win! #LCK

-LCK (@LCK) February 18, 2023

In contrast to the best teams in the region, Dplus KIA performed disappointingly with confusing tactics and selections.

Since the beginning of the season, Dplus KIA is regarded as one of the best teams for the final round, a potential seed in the LCK region, but what they are doing right now, the fans are very disappointed. Dplus KIA had a fourth week of competition when they won against HLE but fell to KT Rolster who was in top form.

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POG Week 5 Round 2 Recap

POG Week 5 Round 2 Recap(Credit: LCK)

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