League of Legends: Build General Aatrox with money to “go the right way”

Build tướng Aatrox

After a surprise hit by the way Build General Aatrox In Kingen’s battle against Zeus’s Gwen, Aatrox was immediately sought out by a number of allied gods of war.

Top laner Kingen with Aatrox.

Recently, in the bloody final between T1 and DRX, the Kingen brother “softly” promoted a ticket for Gwen to fly to the other side of the world with the evil card named Aatrox. And since then, we have a legend that delves into the history of League of Legends called “The Ghost of Aatrox”. It is true that cruel people tend to go up in style!

Holding the Aatrox trump card in hand, the Kingen brother went to war with a calm and decisive game, but turned into chaos when necessary, enough to send Princess Gwen off to the island, but in this stage, the chicken coop is not floating…

Build General AatroxBuild General Aatrox

Successful people always get away with it!

If you follow the final game of the two DRX and T1 warriors closely, you probably know that Kingen’s early games were played fairly normally and not too prominently.

However, over the last two games, this top laner’s playstyle changed drastically when he decided to play this game with his Aatrox. Then why didn’t you say that dzay in the first place!

Build General AatroxBuild General Aatrox

Going into games 4 and 5, Kingen really made the entire audience admire, even Zeus had to admit that the DRX top lane guy this journey really brought him the “arrow of rage”!

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With extremely clever and skillful tactics, Kingen has swept away nearly a dozen lives of the rival T1 team step by step, carried off the super team, and brought back the well-deserved MVP finals!

Brother Kingen appeared and said: “A few whiskers, my brothers and sisters swept the championship!”

Of course, if you’re already a League of Legends fighter, you probably know that Aatrox is the strongest top laner in League of Legends. In every match, in terms of skill and energy, this Aatrox is more than enough to balance out the team. Additionally, Aatrox also possesses the Darklin Demon Sword ability, which is quite fiery, which many players notice and take advantage of. so actually Build General Aatrox Fighting as Kingen is not too difficult, like cows losing their hair and deciduous tamarind trees.

Top Lane Aatrox and the secret to helping players rank up fast

Want Build General Aatrox Fighting like Kingen without knowing how to sweep the top lane is reckless, brother…

What’s on Aatrox’s gem board?

Aatrox possesses a solid turret, a ferocious destructive ability, high healing ability, and outstanding attack speed, all thanks to the Conquest primary rune. Until now, Conquest has always been the most suitable rune for Aatrox. If he uses Q (Demon Sword Darkin), Aatrox’s sword when swinging towards the ground can deal 20/35/50/65/80 physical damage. This ability can be reactivated 2 times, then 25% physical damage.

Build General AatroxBuild General Aatrox

Blade’s edge slashing enemies 3 times within 0.25 seconds of casting ult will deal 50% damage to enemies, 60 – 100% damage to minions (can be increased gradually). Monsters that can help Aatrox deal 10% of total attack damage.

Aatrox is right for the top spot, with a win rate of 50.1%. The mid lane also has a high probability of winning, with a strong sweep rate of up to 52.9%, but many main channels are still Top, the mid lane is not used much. For Jungle, because the Demon Sword has spread damage it is also quick to wield, the combination of the dark magic kit will make Aatrox able to penetrate the wall to speed up his movement.

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Build General AatroxBuild General Aatrox

How to build Aatrox generals to “scan dozens of lives” of the opponent

black axe: it has the effect of destroying the enemy’s armor and increasing healing, in addition, the move power 20 also helps Aatrox to slice the ax into the enemy’s face.

Dance of Death: Increases armor, magic resist, and healing.

ninja shoes: support to take on AD in combat situations, this weapon is probably the first choice.

Sterak’s Claw: Support Aatrox for a 50% attack power boost, plus it’s essential for pumping blood and hit resistance after damage.

Angel armor: a proof of dignity card for those who want to take on Aatrox.

Spirit Armor: psychic players, when the enemy’s AP is too strong, try it…

Build General AatroxBuild General Aatrox

Table of abilities and auxiliary spells on how to build Aatrox generals

First, you need to level up Aatrox in the following order: QEW

As mentioned above, the Q is Aatrox’s mainstay, so you need to aim here to get a good start. The E ability creates a combo to control the enemy well, creating conditions for the Q axes to achieve the highest efficiency.

Build General AatroxBuild General Aatrox


Aatrox Actually, in general, going top, mid, or jungle are still the three most stable options, but most people will. Build General Aatrox for the position of the top lane to fight is a lot. Hopefully, with the information above, you guys can better understand the quality of lane champions in Aatrox when fighting on the Summoner’s Rift map. Anyway, this card is strong and potential, so I hope someone becomes the next god of war like King brother worked at World Cups 2022 well oh

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