League of Legends: female general Ashe turned anime through the hands of DRX BeryL

League of Legends: female general Ashe turned anime through the hands of DRX BeryL

general ashe After being “picked to send gold” by DRX BeryL, the esports brothers predicted they would greet the League of Legends field with an Anime look worth the wait. God of War Wibu, Ancestor of Anime, Leader defiantly named DRX BeryL!

DRX BeryL revealed about the costume design of the female general Ashe.

The story of “bad crying and laughing” by DRX BeryL.

If you have been following XRD Beryl You must have known for a long time that this young player is a real “wibu lotus”, especially this young man has been a big fan of the anime game Genshin Impact for a long time.

genshin impacttựa animated game Genshin Impact

BeryL shares his participation World Cups 2022 It’s also just for “entertainment” after stressful hours of gacha. Even up World Cups 2022, this young man also simply thought of racing to relieve stress after hours of stressful plowing the map. What a wonderful way to “relieve stress” that no one can imagine!

But who would have thought that BeryL by participating in the League of Legends competition just to relieve stress accidentally “turned off” the LoL 2022 championship trophy? It’s so weird to relieve stress like this, guys, like this, I want to relieve stress too…

The appearance of the “super flame” of the deputy team captain Anh Kiet Truc Hoa.

Going back to Honkai Impact, the character BeryL chose to model is herself elysia pride in the game of the same name. Elyisa has pink-blue eyes, short pink hair, and Elysia’s overall appearance exudes an extremely feminine yet equally luxurious look.

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Recently, this young player shared with fans (as well as Riot Games) about his “wibu” wish to the female general Ashe, the male player was a bit shy in front of fans:

“Honestly, I tried to ask the design team at Riot Games if I could bring a model of another character from the game for the World Championship 2022 skin.

And they answered: “Yes.” However, I was embarrassed because I felt like they were going to put me on a platter.”

female general asheAshe

Sharing with the player’s fans DRX BeryL It really couldn’t be more “silly”! Maybe riot games I also understand the deep heart of this player who yearns for it!

After sharing about the blueprint for Ashe’s champion costume by DRX BeryL, players are hoping that this will be a spectacular makeover of the female general Ashe, not excluding the possibility that Ashe has girly pink hair with a look that promises to be extremely “sharp” in the future. eSports party people just wait patiently, Gamer Blog will update the situation faster for you guys.

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