League of Legends: Riot Games announced the Super War League of Legends Winter Skin for Generals.

Riot công bố BST skin Winterblessed mới nhất !!

Winter has knocked on all doors, Riot Games also quickly announced the furwinter league of legends for super war shaped generals. Look at it guys!

Winter is not cold “Winterblessed” collection

official Twitter of League of Legends Officially announced the latest winter skins for the six generals! In particular, Warwick is the lucky champion who owns the slot to wear expensive Riot-branded clothing.

It’s been two years since Riot released skins for League of Legends champions, and more than that, Zilean has officially escaped Riot’s stepson life after 1000 days without seeing a new skin!

Winter is coming to Runeterra!Winter is coming to Runeterra!

It’s obvious! The “Winterblessed” collection through six village class creations Summoner’s Rift Expressed true, sharp and vivid in every detail! We invite you to admire the masterpiece.

Shaco blessed by winter

Shaco the scammersShaco the scammers

Taric blessed by winter

King of the North TaricKing of the North Taric

Zilean blessed by winter

Winter Wizard ZileanWinter Wizard Zilean

Zoe blessed by winter

teacher zoeteacher zoe

Diana blessed by winter

diana moonlightdiana moonlight

Winter-Blessed Warwick: Prestige Edition

Warwick's Hidden Beast Warwick’s Hidden Beast
Warwick's Hidden Beast Warwick’s Hidden Beast

With a stunning aurora effect and a perfect arctic backdrop, the portrait of six figures general league of legends through the collection fur winter league of legends Well, the main house is a masterpiece of art!

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