League of Legends: Riot Games appreciates the plan to expand Worlds LOL to Worlds Cup.

Riot Games tham vọng mở rộng giải đấu LMHT

Recently, a representative from Riot Games recently shared about the ambition to establish an international-class League of Legends tournament with a multinational scale.

Ambition for a world-class League of Legends tournament

Sharing at the International Olympic Conference (IOC), CEO Nicolo Laurent, in addition to sharing his intention to conceive for the League of Legends international tournament, this director also said that Riot Games is also in the process of implementing the project and is in contact with Olympic Representatives in Paris and Los Angeles.

The CEO of Riot Games values ​​​​a great project on League of LegendsThe CEO of Riot Games values ​​a great project for the League of Legends tournament

However, in general, in today’s gaming market, expanding the legendary tournament with the World Cup model is still quite a risky and complicated project, which requires Riot Games to research the market and find a reasonable tactical solution.

If you have to put it in the balance against the “old” opponents of the world, I’m afraid that League of Legends is still a name that is not strong enough to carry it into battle. Not to mention, the strong dominance of LCK and LPL in the same field of esports is still a huge challenge for Riot to overcome.

However, there is no denying that the League of Legends tournament is still a name on the rise.

DRX wins the 2022 World CupDRX wins the 2022 World Cup

Worlds 2022 just ended with a complete victory for Blue Dragon players, creating a strong “miracle run” effect in the LoL 2022 finals, drawing a beautiful story about big brother Deft’s journey of effort on the road to victory. championship glory. .

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Or the return of the demon king Faker and the “invincible warrior” T1 is also a remarkable focus.

Overall, with the scale of the organization and the rosters for this year, Worlds 2022 has garnered a lot of feedback from audiences around the world.

Return of the Demon King FakerReturn of the Demon King Faker

Although these are only the first steps, and all the information about this project has not been officially announced by the representative, it must be stated that this bold move by Riot Games has quite a lot of potential. We can expect a larger scale League of Legends tournament in the future guys. Monitor Blog Game Player Stay up to date with the latest game news!

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