League of Legends: See Shiny XRD Champions Wear Winning Dragon Robes

tướng vô địch của DRX

After the return of the “miracle run” that made history in League of Legends, the General XRD He had a spectacular makeover with exclusive dragon robes for the reigning Worlds 2022 champion.


The swordsman Aatrox is General XRD he was the first to have the honor of being selected by top laner Kingen to wear the dragon coat for Worlds 2022 final victory.

General World DRX 2022General World DRX 2022

Kingen had extremely fierce and stifling fights with General Aatrox during the competition at Worlds 2022. Going into this year’s finals, Kingen played very calmly, decisively, and turned chaos when necessary, especially in games 4 and 5.

When facing Zeus, Kingen controlled Aatrox extremely fiercely, putting the opponent in a dangerous position and destroying the opponent’s T1 champion to the extent that the entire audience had to admire.

After DRX’s fierce victory over T1, Kingen is also the player honored to receive the Finals MVP trophy in 2022. Congratulations to Top Laner Kingen on a spectacular win at Worlds this year.

Stems – Pyosik

When the Pyosik player mentions Kindred, it will be General XRD chosen to change the new look, many think that this is not a strange thing, even the obvious player DRX Jungle.

General World DRX 2022General World DRX 2022

Pyosik especially loves his champion Kindred, just because his IGN on the Korean server has the same meaning as “impression”, referring to General Kindred. Due to Pyosik’s boundless love for Kindred, many fans even call him the “champion kid” of DRX!

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Next up was Zeka’s Akali, an assassin champion who fervently swept through all the T1 soldiers. Besides, Akali is also General XRD that Zeka uses more of a right hand between his mid laners.

Zeka is inherently an underrated player in the League of Legends community as he enters the Worlds 2022 finals, but with what Zeka has worked hard and performed at Worlds, this mid laner has also shown in part: Show off your ability against many strong opponents.

General World DRX 2022General World DRX 2022

Caitlyn – Skillful

In the face of fan speculation that Ezreal will be Deft’s chosen champion for victory at Worlds, when Ezreal has always been a champion associated with the Deft ADC career path. However, the ending that no one expected, Caitlyn is General XRD honored with a long coat for this victory.

Deft used Caitlyn 4 times for the group stage and knockout stage, maintaining a 100% win with huge KDA. Furthermore, Caitlyn is also one of the most banned champions when she takes on Deft in this year’s LOL world competition.

General World DRX 2022General World DRX 2022

Ashe – Beryl

Beryl is probably the most different from the rest of DRX because the support guy used to own the 2020 champion Leona when DK was crowned champion at Worlds that year. However, after the League of Legends situation changed, support champions were prioritized over fight starters, they also have more effect in long fights.

Heimerdinger was the champion Beryl used the most at Worlds with six games, followed by Renata Glasc with three and Braum with two. The only time Beryl used Ashe was when Team DRX faced the 2021 Worlds Champion – EDG, and won afterwards. However, General XRD Beryl’s choice is still Ashe.

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General World DRX 2022General World DRX 2022

However, considering the personality of an anime enthusiast like Beryl, it’s not too strange to cast Ashe when this archer girl also has similarities to the anime character. Wibu’s power also needs a strong buff!


In addition to choosing for costumes General XRD, the online community is also guessing who will be a potential factor for the position of branded clothing. Based on public speculation, as well as in terms of the endgame, Kingen’s Aatrox is the dominant champion with a lot of breakthroughs going into this year’s Worlds.

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