League of Legends will “originally” launch in Southeast Asia

League of Legends will "originally" launch in Southeast Asia

The rights to publish League of Legends in Southeast Asia will revert to Riot Games starting in January 2023, marking the end of a 12-year partnership with Garena. Both League of Legends and the Tactics Tactics Arena game in Southeast Asia are under the management of Garena. Many players in the region expressed disappointment due to the differences stemming from the way Garena operates. However, starting next year, Riot Games will self-publish League of Legends and TFT in Southeast Asia, such as Valorant and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

In a recent announcement, Riot said that they are taking steps to ensure that players in Southeast Asia have the same LoL and TFT experience as every other player in the world. The company also plans to expand its resources in countries like Japan and India, and set up new offices in key countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia to ensure players here can get the support of their own Riot team.

Players in the affected territories will need to switch their LoL accounts from Garena to Riot, but will receive some in-game rewards, the chance to participate in certain local events and activities set to celebrate the “new home.” Readers can follow detailed information on conversion instructions and FAQs here. Players can transfer their League of Legends account to the SEA server if they live in SEA but play with an account in another region. However, this account transfer is one-way. Accounts from other regions can be transferred to SEA, but will not be able to move once the migration is complete.

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Riot also assures players that all skins, treasures, RP, champion mastery, fire god, level along with character names, and friends list will carry over to the new account. However, the publisher points out that Garena Scallops cannot be converted into Riot Points and also warns that if players have not completed the conversion before December 31, they will not be compensated in the event of loss of material account data.