League of Legends: Working hard in gacha, DRX BeryL “holding” the trophy is not good!

Đương kim vô địch LMHT 2022 gọi tên DRX BeryL

Immediately fly back to Korea after the victory. World Cups 2022 just to shoot gacha genshin impact“Sage Wibu” DRX BeryL Take the spotlight on the esports forum once again with unstoppable comedies!

Support God of War DRX BeryL resigned from the conference in the USA to return to the passion of wibu.

Recently, the official account of XRD just announced that the team’s American conference will not feature Beryl because you need to fly home immediately.

It is rumored that there will be an offline session of a family game soon… everyone knows what game it is.

DRX BeryL immediately flew back to Korea to meet Genshin.DRX BeryL He immediately flew back to Korea to meet Nahida from Genshin Impact.

In another development, when the brothers XRD While happily enjoying a trip to the aquarium to relieve stress, this young man has to spend many hours sitting by the fire with Genshin Impact!

Before the final match of League of Legends took place, XRD Beryl I once lamented to fans that I couldn’t log into Genshin Impact despite trying countless times, even changing the VPN a lot:

Why can’t I get into Genshin? I’ve been doing this for three hours, but it still doesn’t work. […] I’ve been trying all morning since 10 am, but still can’t do anything”

In the end… it still couldn’t be fixed, the young player had to give free rein to the LCK coaches.

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so when i see Beryl Listen to your heart’s call and immediately fly back to Korea, without waiting for the DRX brothers, don’t be “surprised yet”! It’s usually in the district, guys.

DRX Beryl is fed up with the ban in Genshin ImpactXRD beryl sick of being banned in genshin impact

After Worlds 2022, shamelessly known as the authentic “Wibu Emperor”, DRX BeryL He also asked Riot Games’ skin design department if he could create a champion skin design for female general ashe (the champion BeryL chose) based on the character model in other games, viz elysia from Honkai Impact 3.

Immediately after receiving a wink from the big man of LoL Riot Games, the “wibu inside” of DRX BeryL a little confused and embarrassed:

“Looks like everyone is about to put me on the plate.”.

Character Elysia in Honkai ImpactElysia in Honkai Impact.

Very willing to spend on his gacha passion, DRX BeryL when he just received a large amount of money from the defending champion of League of Legends, he was quick to “pump” 7 million won (almost 160 million VND) for gacha filming in Genshin Impact.

Even the esports community had a bit of a laugh before Beryl he was penalized by the team for expressing himself as a fan of sensitive anime images on social forums. However, with a fiery wibu soul, all is fleeting.

Usually recently, after being crowned League of Legends Champion 2022the 25-year-old hurriedly returned to Korea alone without staying to attend the conference with his brothers. XRD In the US, it’s only for a “lover of a thousand years” nahida Strong Genshin Impact.

Beryl divulgation: “I have to go back to Korea right away, I have to look for Nahida.”

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Grass Elemental Nahida from Genshin Impact 3.2elemental herb nahida in Genshin Impact 3.2

Compared to other Worlds 2022 players who are still working hard to practice LOL, Beryl I keep calmly watching the tournament World Cups 2022 as a form of “stress relief”.

He didn’t even bother to practice for the exam just to focus on his gacha experience. A pair of League of Legends awards wibu offline brothers and sisters! (j4f only, guys).

However, with such a carefree spirit of a national player participating in Worlds 2022 but Beryl he never showed a loss of form in LOL matches, even “turning off” Riot Games’ Summoner trophy.

In fact, it is the “strange phenomenon” of the League of Legends 2022 town!

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