Leaking Battlefield 2042 Information, Are Players “Banned” Forever?

Leaking Battlefield 2042 Information, Are Players "Banned" Forever?

EA is currently opening a closed technical test of Battlefield 2042, just for a few lucky players. These players will have to sign an NDA contract guaranteeing that they will not share or reveal any details or videos about this test, but it seems that some people have not been able to comply with the rules.

As soon as the beta started, a number of PC gamers posted and livestreamed footage of the early build of Battlefield 2042. EA tried to remove these videos as quickly as possible, but they played. . Adam Freeman, Community Manager at EA Studios Europe, warns: Those who have access to this demo must strictly abide by the terms of the NDA or they may be banned from the channel and leave many long-term consequences. Adam also added:

“The codes for Xbox have now started to be sent out. If you’re thinking of sharing them with a friend, no… they won’t work. You also don’t want to share your information with people, that would be extremely bad for you.”

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According to Adam, players who violate the terms of the NDA may lose access to future EA betas and lose the right to play Battlefield 2042 when it officially launches. While Microsoft and 343 are completely comfortable with the Halo Infinite technical test information leak, EA is much more difficult, it is better for players to fulfill their commitment to the company to avoid unexpected consequences.

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