Legend of the new game Naruto has set a release date

Legend of the new game Naruto has set a release date

known in 10 a.m. day 8/5/2022 come here, Konoha Ninja Game: Legend will release an alpha test with reset data for Android, iOS and PC users.

This is considered the final testing phase before NPH Wetaps brings players a new and more complete version of the Naruto game. 10am tomorrow 8/9/2022.

Consequently, the test will last for 2 days starting at 10 am 5/8 arrive 0h dawn of the day 8/7/2022then all data will be reset to prepare for the Open Beta which will take place in the next few days.

It is worth mentioning that in this Alpha Test version the game has the function Deposit and receive up to 150% cashback when entering the official version.

Specifically, if in the test version, players deposit 1,000,000 VND into their Coin Wallet, then in the Open Beta version, they will receive 1,500,000 VND Coins into the Wallet.


In addition, the game also applies many valuable events and gifts to help players discover the features of the game as quickly as possible.

The most prominent of which is the event. Luc Chien race top in Alpha Test version to receive many attractive in-game packages in Open Beta version.

Right now, players only need to rank between the Top 1 and 10 of Luc Chien’s total list to receive many gem and fashion gift packs worth up to 2,000,000 VND.

So if you’re a die-hard fan of the Naruto anime/manga and love the general card RPG series, don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience!


More about Konoha Ninja: Legend Here, the player will start his journey to become the great Hokage and at the same time recruit more Ninjas and other teammates to join the battle squad with more than 12 people fighting.

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The missions in the game are considered to be close to the original, at this point the player will have to take part in the missions divided into many different subchapters and Naruto signature chapters.


In addition, the Ninja Leaf Village: Truyen Ky Mobile game also allows players to freely choose the Ninja, guide how to cultivate the Character, customize the ninjutsu from active – passive to fated, and arrange the team to go to war to create a completely separate PK style.

The game also has plenty of engaging PvE – PvP activities for you to explore without fear of getting bored.


These activities open reasonably based on the character’s level. Initially, there are individual activities like main and side quests with almost infinite requirements to take out the Boss.

Next are the activities of hunting for materials and parts of interesting generals like sweeping the Museum, experimenting with the floors of the towers… even fighting in extremely difficult dungeons.


Later, battle arenas, chaotic battlegrounds, PvP survival activities will open on a cross-server scale so that you can freely compete with other players.

In addition, there are community connection activities such as Friendship, Marriage – Family – Birth, Partnership, Team Copy that promises to help people unite more.


It can be said that Leaf Village Ninja: Truyen Ky was born based on simple gameplay criteria, smooth graphics, sound, and user-friendly vertical screen interface design.

Going with the Ninja-themed hands-free RPG is intuitive but equally appealing at a later stage.

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And here you will experience a real small world of Naruto, whether you play on mobile phones or computers.