Legion: A Thrilling Real-Time Strategy Game Set in the Crossfire Universe

Legion officially revealed

During the recent Summer Game Fest event, Crossfire: Legion caught everyone’s attention with its exciting reveal. This upcoming real-time strategy game, set in the Crossfire universe, is being developed by Blackbird Interactive, the accomplished studio known for its work on Homeworld and Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

A Legacy of Excellence

Established a decade ago by Relic and EA, Blackbird Interactive made its mark with the release of the strategy game Homeworld: Desert of Kharak in 2016. Drawing from their wealth of experience and renowned IPs, the studio is now poised to deliver an action-packed RTS experience with Crossfire: Legion.

A Perfect Match

Crossfire developer Smilegate discovered Blackbird Interactive after playing Deserts of Kharak and was deeply impressed. They approached the studio with a proposal to develop a real-time strategy game for their Crossfire FPS series. And so, Crossfire: Legion was born, solidifying an exciting collaboration between two esteemed entities.

Legion officially revealed

Unleash Epic Battles

Crossfire: Legion will feature a captivating single-player campaign teeming with tanks, mechs, planes, trains, jets, and more. In addition, the game promises a classic real-time strategy multiplayer experience. Brace yourself for immense battles that will fill your screen with awe-inspiring explosions.

Command the Battlefield

As a player, you’ll have access to the Commander’s power, allowing you to buff your units, weaken the enemy, and unleash other abilities to turn the tide of battle. This strategic advantage empowers you to craft exhilarating tactics and dominate your adversaries.

Coming Soon

Are you ready to experience the intensity of Crossfire: Legion? Mark your calendars for 2022, as this highly anticipated game is set to officially launch on the PC platform. Prepare yourself for an adventure that blends strategic thinking with heart-pounding action.

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So, gear up for an unforgettable journey into the Crossfire universe with Crossfire: Legion! Let the battles begin!

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