Lehends officially joined KT Rolster, completing the main line-up for the new season

Lehends chính thức gia nhập KT Rolster

Farewell to GEN.G after 1 year of cooperation, support player Lehends officially joins KT RolsterHe continues to play for the LCK in the 2023 season after much speculation that he will attack the LPL next season. In fact, compared to leaving GEN.G, KT Rolster is a potential destination for the long-term development of this support player.

Lehends officially joins KT RolsterLehends officially joins KT Rolster

Lehends officially joins KT Rolster

Even thinking about it, I never thought that one day, Lehends would leave with the roof of GEN.G, where many good memories of the support player are attached. Even after announcing his farewell from the GEN.G team, Lehends caused the entire community of fans of this team to ask thousands of questions. Why did GEN.G not only miss Lehends, but even Ruler sadly had to part with this team?

Lehends officially joins KT RolsterLehends – Youngjae said goodbye to GEN.G with his teammates.

Lehends broke down in tears on the broadcast as he shared that he will no longer be with GEN.G for the upcoming season. According to many sources, Lehends’ decision to leave GEN.G was not entirely intentional, he did not even get a chance to discuss a contract extension with GEN.G.

The official KT Rolster lineup this year

On the side of KT Rolster’s newly formed lineup, it can be seen that this ‘underground rich boy’ is strategically exploiting large-scale factors, not actively seeking names that are too prominent, but must be solid front lines for the new equipment.

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with the nickname ‘warrior without a throne’ from the LCK people, KT Rolster is rebuilding the team with extremely strong positions. This is how KT Rolster has been for years.

Street higher: Kiin

Jungle: Because

Half: bdd


Support: legends

Top lane Kiin and Mid lane Bdd are the two mainstays of KT Rolster, the two players who were first announced on the official Twitter account. Bdd has always been KT Rolster’s brightest mid laner for many years. Compared to the mid lane battles in other teams, Bdd still has the strength to fight extremely durable and solid.

Above: half of KT Rolster's houseKT Rolster’s Top Lane

Kiin – top lane is considered very potential so far, he is a quality star that KT has successfully recruited into the lineup.

KT Rolster mid laneKT Rolster mid lane

KT Rolster’s AD carry and jungle duo Aiming and Cuzz successfully negotiated and re-signed with the team for the 2023 LCK. Overall, with strong solo lanes, Cuzz and Aiming are considered two. Warriors promise to shine brighter in the new season.

Aiming is a visionary ADC, he has always been a solid back wall creating peace of mind for KT Rolster’s top wing. Working with Lehends as support, both promise to be a solid back line for the whole team to attack.


With the arrival of the new Lehends officially joins KT Rolstercan see K.T.’s list they are coming up with a very clever player exploitation strategy. Next year’s lineup promises to be a formidable fighter, somewhat better than what KT Rolster did last year.

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