Lien Quan Mobile beta 40 significantly improved the ability of Dieu Boat

bộ kỹ năng Điêu Thuyền

The next Lien Quan Mobile is expected to launch to gamers navigation skill Significantly tweaked and updated in beta 40. Join for new information on Sorceress Dieu Thuyen and Diao Boat Skills and Equipment Please.

Improved navigation ability

Good news for players who choose cabinet champion is mage Dieu Thuyen, Lien Quan Mobile will update beta 40 soon with Dieu Boat skill set update which brings a lot of new and interesting things, I promise in the future, this magician will become the focus of attention.

Navigation skill setNavigation skill set

According to the information initially disclosed, the navigation skill In beta 40, he will have the ultimate destructive power by being able to hit and run without having to stand still like before. However, if he gains one, he will lose another, Dieu Boat’s freeze ability on skill 2 will be reduced to one and does not stack.

However, this is only an announcement of the beta version about the adjustment for the Diao Boat skill set, not the official version of Garena, or in other words, the operator has not yet made a final decision for the awakened main version. . However, most of the mage Dieu Thuyen fans are quite happy and are looking forward to Lien Quan Mobile beta update 40, maybe when it is officially released, Dieu Thuyen will have more new changes.

Navigation skill setNavigation skill set


If we have to talk about this wizard general, so far, Dieu Thuyen is a pure wizard general with the ability to support and damage opponents. Place navigation skill will stack damage if the target is frozen, this is one of the mage’s trademarks when casting an opponent’s move. Even if the target receives the combo attack from the Dieu Boat, even the Gladiator or Tanker will have to kneel.

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