Lien Quan Mobile: Update the overall “unique” look for grandmasters

skin tướng liên quân

As everyone knows, in addition to the skill set, the gem table equipped for a champion, the skin is also quite an important piece of equipment that the master must pay attention to. There’s no need to discuss that general’s damage, but as long as they spawn with these coalition skins, players will definitely feel confident against their opponents.

“Unique” Coalition Generals Skin!

As you all know, in arena of valorThe skin is designed and released primarily for cosmetic reasons and to increase inspiration when playing, but it has no effect on improving champions’ strength or damage here.

However, for a master who is passionate about collecting fur, the things mentioned above are just ephemeral. Rich people are willing to gamble, they are willing to spend a lot of money to own those expensive skins for the purpose of ‘running away’ with their teammates and opponents when they go into battle. However, it is not always the case that general skins spend money to own them, Garena always has preferential skin events for new players or grandmasters on a special occasion.

Currently, Garena has prepared ‘marked’ skins for allied generals that look very cool and unique! Not necessarily activating SSS, these skins still create a lot of attraction for players.

Root Muay Thai

This type of martial arts has a look that is only at the SS level, but overall, this is a pretty good outfit. According to the evaluation of many players, they are satisfied and excited with the general aspects of Raz.

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In fact, Raz Muay Thai has been around for a long time, but since its debut, the Raz Muay Thai skin has accompanied the player for quite a long time, creating a lot of seismic reflections that make it difficult for players to give up easily. .

army general skinsRoot Muay Thai

Divine Sword Richter Susannoo

For most genuine Richters, this Susanoo Sword God skin is the standout choice. Just by raising enough money, you will have a set of SS level skins at a reasonable price.

army general skinsDivine Sword Richter Susannoo

The Legend of the Samurai Ryoma

The Legendary Ryoma Samurai will definitely be an expensive overall skin that everyone will want to own. Not only did he stay with the master of the “cabinet” for a long time, Ryoma is also impressed by the SS skin that does not bore anyone!

army general skinsThe Legend of the Samurai Ryoma

Holy Light Laurel

As a beautiful little beauty in Lien Quan Mobile, Lauriel is always favored by providing many brand skins, especially each set of skins is extremely outstanding and eye-catching.

However, to be precise, Lauriel Thanh Quang Su is a coalition general skin that is loved by most grandmasters. Simply because this skin of Lauriel does not need to pump too much money, but still ensures the attractiveness of Lauriel.

army general skinsHoly Light Laurel

Natalya Karma from the Fire Demon Queen

Just like Lauriel, Natalya is a beautiful ring that is loved by thousands of people when she has many favorite grandmaster siblings.

One of Natalya’s Coalition General skins that is considered the most “unique” must definitely refer to Fire Demon Queen’s Natalya Karma. This set of skins has partly helped Natalya increase charm, as well as improve the mental strength of combat masters.

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army general skinsNatalya Karma from the Fire Demon Queen

Laville’s gunners’ satellites

Last but not least is Laville Gunners Satellite. This is also one of the branded generals skins that all masters should buy for themselves.

Although inspired by the masculine color pink, when wearing the outfit, Laville is extremely bright and dominates a strong opponent.

Laville's gunners' satellitesLaville’s gunners’ satellites


Above are the most popular coalition generals skins. on the list, we will definitely update more in the near future, don’t forget to wait for it dear readers!

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