Lies of P attracts over a million demo players

Lies of P attracts over a million demo players

Lies of P has convinced many players of its excellence and they only need to wait 3 more months to fully experience this game. From the stunning steampunk-style graphics to the spooky tunes, Lies of P is one of those upcoming games that left a deep impression on many gamers. Developer Neowiz Games recently shared that their game has surpassed 1 million downloads and has yet to be released. The number above comes from the demo, which is currently open to potential players.

Game fans are especially eager to jump into the demo experience to try out everything the developer heavily advertises. This is the reason why over a million people downloaded the demo in less than a week. In addition, Lies of P also peaked with over 170,000 viewers on Twitch and was in the top three most popular search terms on Twitter.


The Lies of P demo allows players to experience the role-playing game from Friday, June 9 through Tuesday, June 27. The demo offers hours of gameplay and unlocks the first two chapters of the game, which includes various boss encounters, an introduction to the main characters, and many areas to explore, such as the main hub area of ​​the Krat Hotel. Readers can download and try the demo for themselves right now. here.

How will Pinocchio transform when he is forced to fight terrifying monsters and cross the cursed city of Krat? Players can find the answer to this question as they uncover mysteries, lies, and find a way out of the tangled web within Geppetto’s puppets on September 19.

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