Like Teacher Minh Thu, this “teacher”’s livestream also received thousands of interactions.

Like Teacher Minh Thu, this “teacher”’s livestream also received thousands of interactions.

On the afternoon of July 20, three famous creators, Hieu Leblanc, Caster Rim, and Mei Mei, created a stir in the online community when they joined a “one-of-a-kind” class called “Streamer to Class.” This is a game show organized by the OTA network with the desire to create a bridge of communication between Creators and fans. Very quickly, the livestream attracted thousands of followers and interactions, no less inferior to Master Minh Thu’s “spring pendulum” lecture.


In this “super hot” class, “owner of the circus” Hello Leblanc, “vegetable streamer” rotating rim and “national crush” Mei Mei will transform into three “class officers” who will participate in “teacher” Hoang Minh’s online lesson. The remaining students in the class are the audience watching the live broadcast. Notably, the fourth lesson also featured the surprising appearance of “teacher” PewPew as leader and questioner.


During the 5 classes, the “best ghost, second ghost” students did not forget to entertain with “comedy performances”, which made the live broadcast extremely exciting and interesting. If Hieu Leblanc confidently sent her teacher a “deaf” beatbox performance, Caster Rim was no less competitive when he performed the song super sweetly. “I tried” – a recent song that he is “a little addicted to.” As for Mei Mei, the class monitor who seems kind but extremely cunning, every question she asks of her leaves the teacher and her classmates “surprised and bewildered.”

Mei Mei also “bitterly” recounted how when she was in first grade, because she was busy having a private “confidence” with the student sitting next to her, the teacher let her “sit” in her notebook for a very “horrible” time. . reason: “Van plays with a boy in class”. This unfair narrative saddened and amused everyone. It was just a private conversation. How could the teacher “distort” it into three-point content like that?

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Without stopping there, when reviewing the memories of the flag-raising time on the first Monday of the week, the “disabled” Hieu considered this an appropriate moment for his “mouth to work at full capacity.” As for “Caster Vegetal”, flag salute time is no different from hell because he often has to “lean on the flagpole” due to his antics. Only Mei Mei, he said with humor: “I thought all men salute the flag in the morning, why do they only salute the flag on Monday?”. Mei Mei, I’m Mei Mei, I don’t know if she really saluted the flag or not, I just know that after hearing her question, everyone “saluted”.


In addition to the “comedy performances” of the three main characters, the game show also holds contests for the audience to submit valuable gifts. Prizes include: Garena cards with denominations of 50,000 and 100,000 VND, Popsocket OTA Network, Wild Rift T-shirt and thousands of PUBG Mobile stickers.

At the end of the class, all three creators expressed their interest in this special online class. Hieu Leblanc shares:

Because I left school early, I never had the opportunity to experience online learning, so when I joined this class, I felt like I could go to school like all the other students, which is really meaningful.

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In addition, Caster Rim also thanked the program implementation team:

As for Mei Mei, this was an extremely interesting and unforgettable lesson in her life.

Thanks to the intelligence and humor of the three creators and the flexible “juggling” of host Hoang Minh, the first issue of the game show “Streamer Goes to Class” received a lot of attention and response from the audience. This is a great source of motivation for OTA Network to launch the next “classroom schedule” in the future.

Check out the full Gameshow Streamer class here: