Linh Ngoc Dam slightly confided to fans when asked “should I go to college?”, which got everyone nodding.

Linh Ngoc Dam slightly confided to fans when asked "should I go to college?", which got everyone nodding.

“Is college the only path to success?” It’s always a hot topic of discussion, especially among the youth of Generation Z. A lot of people believe that without going to college or dropping out of college, they can still achieve the goals and success they set for themselves, especially when they look at Streamers, Players. ,… – The jobs are considered light jobs with high wages.

But is that true? Recently, a fan visited famous streamer Linh Ngoc Dam’s personal Instagram to find the answer. And General Dam’s response made everyone who heard it nod in approval.


Specifically, when fans asked the question “Do you think we should go to college?”, Dam General opened up his heart and said the following:

You have to study, you always have to study and improve your knowledge. Don’t look at the stories of people who don’t go to college and still succeed and think everyone’s life is so easy. They don’t go to university, but they study life. Those people are people with wisdom, self-directed learning, the ability to synthesize knowledge and extract experience from real experience without a teacher. But they still have to learn. They learn lessons from failure for themselves, honing their own experiences of the environment and the people around them to succeed. But are you sure that all dropouts have the above abilities? Of course not.
So the easiest way is to find a place where there are people who have gone before to teach you and popularize your knowledge. It can be the university, the vocational school, … In short, if you are not confident enough, go to school. When you feel strong enough to face the storm, life, then giving up is no longer a big problem.

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It is known that before becoming a Streamer with a respectable career and active business activities, Linh Ngoc Dam was a student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Hanoi National University.Interior. Surely from her rich experience, she can confidently give that answer to her fans.


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