Link Your Account to a Konami ID

link konami id efootball 2023

PES Mobile 2021 has undergone an overhaul, and now goes by the name eFootball. To safeguard your account data, link it with a Konami ID before connecting your game account.

To do this, navigate to Extras > Support and select ‘Link Data’ before scanning the 2D barcode displayed on-screen before it expires.


eFootball 2023 provides fans of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) an enhanced experience, as its developers have revamped every element for an immersive and realistic play experience – from Starter events created specifically for newcomers, to AI matches between featured league teams – delivering a revolutionary soccer play experience to users.

Linking your eFootball account to a KONAMI ID ensures the data transfer feature will keep your important information safe, especially when changing mobile phones or tablets with different operating systems. Your eFootball account will still work on whatever device you are currently using and in case there is an update by Konami you won’t risk losing valuable myClub Coins, GP and players.

To connect your eFootball game account to a KONAMI ID, follow these instructions on their website. After providing your game code and password for eFootball, an email will be sent directly to your registered email address with an activation password to activate KONAMI ID.

Once your eFootball account is linked with a KONAMI ID, you can begin playing instantly. Choose either to join an elite Authentic Squad team, or create your own dream squad using Dream Team mode – both allow for command of some of football’s greatest clubs; while in Dream Team you’re creating your own dream squad by selecting and developing players.

Level Up Your Player Cards You can level up your Player Cards by feeding them Level Training Programs, which will earn them Progression Points that increase their performance graph and OVR. Furthermore, Chance Deals provide another avenue to acquire Standard Player Cards.

To link your eFootball 2023 game account with your KONAMI ID, it is necessary to link both your email address and accept the Terms of Use of eFootball Point Program. After doing this, you will receive 5000 GP which can be spent on additional content or e-Football Points.


Konami’s popular football video game series PES has been rebranded into eFootball 2023 as its latest video game release. Boasting many new features to enhance realism and immerse players into the experience, including its weekly Live Update with in-game news combined with real world information that provides a more authentic playing experience – whether or not you enjoy football eFootball is sure to delight its players!

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Konami ID is an account developed by Konami for saving data across its games portfolio, such as PES. To prevent data theft, only access can be granted with credentials provided by players themselves and it allows players to transfer game data across platforms and devices.

To utilize eFootball Points, first link your game account with a KONAMI ID. This can be accomplished in the Store menu under [Extras] > [Support], while iOS and Android devices require linking with data ([Link Data]. Once linked, you can begin reaping its rewards!

eFootball is one of the most immersive football games on the market. Packed with gameplay mechanics and realism, the game provides a thrilling football management experience for anyone wanting to start managing teams from scratch or team up with their favorite club right away. However, its realism will require patience and a good internet connection; also included is a remastered Master League mode featuring over 50 playable teams with authentic experiences including over 100 kits to select and unlock wide-ranging bonuses!


Konami has long been known for making popular video games. Their game catalog boasts classic franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania that have sold millions worldwide while remaining iconic titles in terms of gameplay and features. Recently they expanded their online presence by adding mobile app for their games.

eFootball 2023 mobile version offers many features that make it an attractive option for fans of football. From starter events, which give rewards for newcomers, to league challenges where users compete against AI teams from featured leagues. Furthermore, this game has various objectives players can complete to earn items.

One of the best features of eFootball 2023 is its ability to transfer data across devices. This feature makes life simpler as users don’t need to create new accounts each time they change phones or switch from a tablet to laptop; additionally, this function is invaluable if players switch operating systems as it protects GP and other important data from becoming lost in translation.

To connect your game account to your KONAMI ID, follow the on-screen instructions in the app and scan a 2D barcode depending on your device – barcode may display differently depending on device. Once linked, you’ll start earning eFootball Points that can be redeemed for various in-game rewards such as Legend Agents or 100 MyClub Coins.

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The KONAMI ID provides an effective solution to protect and secure all of your PES game data, while also keeping any unwanted parties out of your account. However, please keep in mind that each KONAMI ID account can only be linked with one game account on one platform; multiple KONAMI ID accounts may exist but cannot be linked together for use within one game account; it’s possible to create separate ones but only link them once they reach one platform; therefore if you own multiple accounts you should monitor them closely so as not lose data!


A KONAMI ID is an exclusive username that enables players to safely link multiple accounts of the same game to one login, while also accessing other online services offered by the company. Customers can create one at any time and it is completely free; customers may edit registered information and passwords as well as change email address at the KONAMI ID portal.

Linking your eFootball account to a Konami ID account can be invaluable when changing devices or updating operating systems – it allows you to seamlessly transfer your game data without losing anything, as well as make playing it when away from home easier and even make an emergency backup of it should something go wrong!

Utilizing Konami ID will enable you to take full advantage of the cross-platform rewards and features offered by the eFootball Point Program, including redeeming your points for bonuses on any platform such as PS4, Xbox One or Steam as long as they use the same KONAMI ID. Plus, you can keep tabs on your balance through their website!

Not only can you enjoy these benefits, but you can also link your eFootball account with KONAMI ID for exclusive rewards in the form of Legend Agents and MyClub Coins that can help boost GP and player recruitment for your team! However, please keep in mind that these offers only last a limited amount of time!

Linking your eFootball 2022 account with your KONAMI ID can protect your data in case of major updates in the future, ensuring your important myClub Coins and GP aren’t lost as part of an upgrade process. You can check the status of this linkage either within game itself by selecting [Link KONAMI ID] from the menu or by going directly to Account Information page on the KONAMI website.