Link Your Account With Your Konami ID

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Enjoy an authentic football experience with your favourite team through eFootball(tm). To link your game account with KONAMI ID, scan the 2D barcode displayed within-game.

This update will bring back co-op mode and enhance win/loss decision-making for online matches, while increasing server capacity and laying the foundation for compatibility between console and mobile versions of the game.

Iniciar Sesion

eFootball 2023 features several updates with added features, modes, events and improvements. Furthermore, real game results from matches are applied into the game weekly to create an immersive experience and increase realism.

Konami’s free-to-play football sim, Konami Football Simulator (Konami FFS), has found some fans, yet those fans will have to wait longer for its next major update: Konami recently announced it has postponed release of V1.0.0 until spring of next year.

To play eFootball on a computer running Windows 7 or later, an SD or USB flash drive, and an understanding of how to install and utilize its components will be required. Wi-Fi connections are recommended but cellular internet can also work; additionally it’s beneficial to have access to long-term free roaming bandwidth to work efficiently with this game, though storage requirements of around 4 GB is necessary as the game offers open/download access; remember to leave enough free space in each machine for downloads!

Create a Konami ID

eFootball players looking to switch platforms will need a Konami ID in order to move their game data across, while keeping it secure. Creating one is straightforward and quick. Simply log into KONAMI website before clicking “Link KONAMI ID.” After you do that, a pop-up window will prompt you for an answer which must include words or phrases and cannot contain symbols as security measures against hacking of accounts.

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Konami is looking to increase interest in their eFootball football-simulator after its disappointing Pro Evolution Soccer reboot last year. Unfortunately, however, Konami’s efforts have yet to dent EA Sports’ FIFA market share even when offering the title for free this year.

Once you’ve created a Konami ID, it’s easy to link it with your Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel account either in-game or through the KONAMI website. Registration requires valid email address; after signing up a screen will appear allowing you to transfer data across platforms; click the provided link and access a second information entry page before you’ve clicked through for transferring it over from other Konami IDs into one KONAMI ID account.

Log in to eFootball

Unreal Engine has enabled eFootball ™ to unify gaming experiences on all platforms – console, PC and mobile – for an authentic game across all media. Weekly and additional updates will continue to enhance gameplay by providing additional characteristics, modes, events and much more.

Version 1.0 adds the ability for players to fully personalize every aspect of each game they participate in, including equipment, kits, players and more. In addition, mobile controllers are now compatible. In time, multiplatform games could be integrated via Advantage Match Pass>> Premium which would compensate elements such as special players of their choosing as well as eFootball money ™.

To link KONAMI ID accounts across platforms, simply visit My KONAMI website or scan a 2D barcode displayed in eFootball 2023 to gain access to a link that will take you directly into a web browser and log in with your credentials to check whether your data has already been linked together; if not simply follow instructions provided to start linking your ID. If any issues arise while trying to link your KONAMI ID account please wait a few minutes and retry before reaching out KONAMI Customer Support or MyKONAMI Customer Support as soon as possible for assistance

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eFootball World

Users of the game can connect with other eFootball users cooperatively and compete online against each other. Following its beta trial from June 8-22, 2023 Season Open and Pro will launch.

Players can utilize creative teams to compete against one another in the eFootball World league and earn points to advance to higher levels. Furthermore, event-specific football games will also be hosted locally.

Apart from its standard football features, this game also boasts some unique elements, such as the International Cup Experience tournament. This unique competition allows players to compete against one another through group stages and knockout rounds to reach the top.

eFootball World provides an ideal environment for discovering new talents, with its friendly and supportive community offering players plenty of chances to learn about teams and matches while socializing among themselves and participating in events. Players can join forums on eFootball World to talk to fellow fans and participate in events while its app gives access to team information, match results, player database access, analysis tools and analysis features – and is compatible with PCs as well as mobile devices; users should note however, that for optimal functioning it requires a solid internet connection connection in order for it to work correctly!