Linking Your eFootball Account to Your Konami ID

Konami’s successor to Pro Evolution Soccer series, eFootball 2022, will launch on September 30. eFootball 2022 will feature Creative Teams and receive post-launch updates later in autumn.

Linking your game account with your KONAMI ID provides two methods for you to start using eFootball Points; please refer to step 3 when landing on My KONAMI.

How to Link Your KONAMI ID

When linking your KONAMI ID with a game account, there are a few things you must bear in mind. First and foremost is choosing which KONAMI ID will serve as your default moving forward as only one game account can be linked with one KONAMI ID at any one time on any particular platform. After choosing one KONAMI ID as the one-and-only connection method, all game accounts should then be connected via their unique KONAMI IDs.

Linking your KONAMI ID can also help prevent data theft. When linked, your game data will be securely saved online and in case your device or computer becomes lost or is reformatted you will still be able to retrieve all your game data.

Connecting your KONAMI ID to games can save time. This is because it will allow you to quickly access game profiles and make any needed modifications, while keeping an eye on progress within a game.

To link your KONAMI ID with PES Mobile, navigate to the menu and choose Extras/Support, followed by “Link Data via KONAMI ID”. From here, enter your KONAMI ID and email address into the game before hitting “Link Data via KONAMI ID”; when complete a confirmation screen will appear in PES Mobile.

How to Link Your Game Account

With a recent upgrade, PES mobile has been transformed into eFootball and updated for new platforms. As with its predecessors, eFootball offers free-to-play association football simulation video gaming developed and published by Konami with good user reviews among gamers. If you wish to secure your account when switching devices or simply playing on more than one device simultaneously then linking it with your KONAMI ID ID provides another measure to protect it and ensure security when gaming across devices.

To link your KONAMI ID with your game, navigate the in-game menu and navigate to [Settings] > [Online Settings] > [Link KONAMI ID]. In order to successfully link your account with eFootball Point Program Terms of Use and initiate data linking process of your account with KONAMI ID data linkage process will begin immediately.

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Once this process is completed, you will be notified in-game that your KONAMI ID data has been successfully linked with your game account. Additionally, My KONAMI can show the status of this linking.

Unfortunately, cross-save and progression will not be available when eFootball launches on September 30. We hope this changes over time; for now you can still upload Creative League progress from PS5 to mobile version of eFootball; however this feature won’t become active until later this year.

How to Unlink Your KONAMI ID

KONAMI ID allows players to register scores and records, unlock secret songs in some BEMANI titles (DanceDanceRevolution, GITADORA and jubeat copious APPEND), participate in official tournaments, as well as obtain and register their ID Card online as members to gain access to additional services*.

Be mindful that your game account can only ever be linked with one KONAMI ID regardless of which platform you play on; otherwise, unlink it before moving your data across.

Before moving your game account between platforms, make sure that your KONAMI ID has been updated by visiting their website and selecting “Update Your KONAMI ID.” Once complete, use the “Link Data using KONAMI ID” feature in-game to link your new ID with your Master Duel account. However, be wary attempting to link one that already contains data from another device as this could lead to bans; take this warning seriously and if in doubt consult a customer service representative for further guidance; deleted accounts may also be banned as their links may still exist with other KONAMI IDs that already contain data; be wary attempting to link data using another ID could cause bans as this practice can result in bans being placed upon these accounts that have data that could cause bans! Deleted accounts will also be banned due to having multiple KONAMI IDs linked together or linked through other means than when deleted accounts are linked together – as such an event would take place as any existing Master Duel data already belongs with another device could lead to being banned permanently as this could lead to being banned immediately by being linked or having data already linked up against another KONAMI ID could lead directly linked with another Master Duel device could result in bans being placed against any deleted accounts which already contain data already present duel accounts from another device or even deleted accounts linked with another KONAMI ID linked back in between devices that already contain Master Duel data already have data present duel data linked with another device could possibly create or deleted accounts linked KONAMI ID will lead ban being linked into being linked / device which could result in being associated with another bans associated with other banned/delet. KONAMI ID already having data already from device being linked or device could lead ban. if linked. If banned as well. KONAMI ID in any future devices than their respective deleted accounts being banned duel device from another KONAMI ID having data being linked before which had data already present being permanently banned without their previous linked through another device duel data being banned! BE BANN or delete containing data being banned since any devices already linked from device being banned duel data from another device duel accounts already banned as it would ban as ban immediately becoming blocked because other device or created which already linked could ban, should also banned immediately deleted accounts linked later linked from being banned being banned permanently banned should be linked when linking this option can even deleted accounts linked.

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How to Reset Your KONAMI ID

Those who suspect their KONAMI ID has been compromised should immediately change their email password, review recovery emails to make sure only the original account owner can access them, scan/reset devices to remove any malware present and scan/reset if needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If there is no other solution, players can log on to My KONAMI and click “Delete KONAMI ID,” agreeing to all terms and conditions before it takes effect. When they next log into Master Duel, it should treat them like new players.

After having their KONAMI ID deleted, players will no longer be able to utilize it to sync game data across devices – meaning that if they wish to sync their game again they must create a new KONAMI ID from scratch.

Notably, when deleting your KONAMI ID you also delete your Card Game ID located on the back of your physical ID card. If you compete in real life tournaments then this should be kept in mind as your Card Game ID may be necessary when registering for tournaments. Therefore it is wise for players to only delete their KONAMI ID if certain they will no longer require it.