List of most anticipated mobile games in the second half of 2021

List of most anticipated mobile games in the second half of 2021

At the end of 2021, the mobile gaming market is excited as a series of blockbuster games are scheduled to be released. Join GameHub for a look at the most anticipated names in the near future.

Apex Legends Mobile

It was expected to be released at the end of last year, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the release date was delayed until this year. The game is expected to retain the core elements that created the success of the original version while also bringing many innovations to adapt to the mobile platform. Currently, we only know that Apex Legends Mobile will be released later this year and the specific timing has not yet been determined.

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

The plot of Hitman Sniper: The Shadows will continue the events that occurred in the original game, Hitman Sniper. The basic gameplay remains similar to many other Hitman games, with dramatic assassination missions as hitmen. However, instead of playing the familiar role of Agent 47, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows revolves around the story of the assassin group The Shadows consisting of 5 members, each of whom will possess their own unique abilities. The game requires players to be flexible in the use of force, strategy and techniques to destroy the target specified in the contract.

Valorant Mobile

Another popular battle royale game coming to the mobile platform this year is Valorant Mobile. Valorant Mobile, released for both Android and iOS, is expected to provide a fast-paced combat experience that also converts the entire weapon system and agent skills from the PC version. As a popular name in the field of esports, Valorant Mobile is likely to have its own tournaments.

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mobile battlefield

One of the most anticipated mobile gaming projects is undoubtedly indispensable called Battlefield Mobile. The game is available for both Android and iOS and will likely have an open combat mechanism similar to the Battlefield games on PC. Although no release date has been set, the game is expected to launch later this year or early next year at the latest.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is expected to be a free-to-play battle royale with fast-paced combat involving weapons and magic. The events surrounding the formation of the elite warrior group Soldier will also be added to the plot. The game will be released for both Android and iOS.

Castlevania Rhapsody by Moonlight

The story takes place in the mid-19th century, about 100 years since Alucard and Richter Belmont defeated Dracula and destroyed Castlevania. Players take on the role of Elvis, Alucard, Richter, people tasked with destroying demons and zombies, members of the Order of the Beast. Although Castlevania Moonlight Rhapsody was initially only developed specifically for the Chinese market, it is expected that international players will soon be able to experience this game.

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