Get the Most Out of Your eFootball Points

konami login efootball points

Players looking to maximize their eFootball points need to log in daily to unlock valuable currencies and rewards. By doing so, you can earn more currencies and unlock bonuses that would otherwise be hard to obtain.

To ensure you’re on the right track, make sure your game account is linked to a KONAMI ID. You can do this by visiting the My KONAMI website and verifying the connection.

What are eFootball Points?

eFootball Points are a new in-game currency designed to unlock items in the myClub mode. You can earn them through various activities, including playing core titles, watching eSports competitions, and participating in myClub mode games. These points can be redeemed for in-game items and bonuses across different platforms.

To redeem your eFootball Points, you need to link your game account with your KONAMI ID. Once completed, your in-game account will receive its share of eFootball Points. You can easily check the data linkage status by visiting My KONAMI or looking at the Linked Accounts section in the game.

Managing eFootball Points

It’s important to note that eFootball Points have an expiration date. They become ineligible at midnight on the last day of six months after being claimed from your in-game Inbox. To avoid losing them, it’s recommended to keep your eFootball Points up-to-date and use them before they expire. Remember, you should claim only one batch of eFootball Points per calendar month.

eFootball 2024

Konami’s latest football gaming franchise, eFootball 2024, comes with exciting gameplay improvements, lucrative launch events, and tempting sign-up rewards. You can collect and unlock amazing player cards, including Legends. The recent update also introduced an easier way to collect Special Player Cards and Match Passes.

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While the game has seen positive changes, some players feel that eFootball 2024 falls short compared to its predecessors. Graphically, the game could have made better use of Konami’s Unreal Engine. Despite this, there is still time for Konami to improve the game before its release.

eFootball 2021

If you’re after intense realism and unique features, eFootball 2021 is the game for you. Konami has created an independent football game that offers players a realistic experience, allowing them to build their own eFootball club and compete against online opponents. There’s even an in-game single-player mode for local battles.

Starting December 7th, KONAMI will introduce a new form of in-game currency called eFootball Points. You can earn these points by engaging with core titles or following eSports competitions. Once accumulated, you can redeem them across platforms. To redeem your points, link your KONAMI ID with a game account on the platform you wish to use them on. Make sure to agree to the Terms of Service before redeeming.

It’s important to note that eFootball Points do not carry over into the next season and expire six months after claiming them. However, you can still use them to enhance your gameplay experience.

eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 is the rebranded version of PES Mobile 2021, offering association football simulation games for free. To ensure maximum protection and prevent data loss, it’s crucial to connect your game account to your Konami ID.

The eFootball Point Program provides cross-platform rewards that can be redeemed regardless of the platform you play on. To take full advantage of this feature, link all your main game accounts to one KONAMI ID. You can do this on the eFootball website by selecting “Link to KONAMI ID.” Confirm your data linkage by visiting your KONAMI ID page and checking the “Linked Game Accounts” or “Linked Mobile Accounts” section.

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Once your eFootball 2022 game account is linked, you can wisely spend your eFootball Points in myClub mode. Acquire various items, including players and managers, ranging from past legends to rising stars. Create your dream team by handpicking standout players from actual fixtures, featured leagues, or emerging talents. You can even represent national teams, J.League clubs, and clubs worldwide!

Capturing Fantasy can help you make the most of your eFootball Points journey.