Lost Ark releases a new gameplay trailer – Welcome to Arkesia

Lost Ark releases a new gameplay trailer – Welcome to Arkesia

After New World, Lost Ark is Amazon’s next MMO. The game will launch on February 11. To prepare for this release, the developer has released a new trailer that introduces the gameplay and shows how different this MMO is compared to other games.

While Lost Ark was released in countries like South Korea years ago, it wasn’t until 2021 that Amazon officially announced the release of an English version for the US and European markets, perhaps thanks in part to the positive responses to the The new World. However, Lost Ark may not be the name most MMO fans are expecting, because the game focuses more on action elements like Diablo.

Lost Ark caught the interest of a lot of Steam users and went through beta late last year, but there are certainly still a lot of people who don’t know about this game. Therefore, the recently released trailer aims to give a more concise look at the gameplay of Lost Ark.

In just five minutes, the trailer has taken viewers through many things, from the different character classes, their abilities, the elegant Diablo-like gameplay to the unique skill system and introduction to the world of Arkesia, as well as Lost Ark in general. history


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